This website is dedicated to providing documents and testimonials to attest to Coach Ed Madec’s character. There have been injustices brought about towards Coach Ed Madec and falsehoods spread in the media. This is a website to house raw truths to let the public decide the real story.

Marcus Hall

Coach Madec has been the most influential person in my life outside of my family. The level of personal growth that I realized in my time playing for coach Madec set me up for lifelong success. Discipline, accountability, and striving for excellence were consistent themes that Madec lived by, and his players followed suit. This helped us reach our best selves. Many of us come from toxic or traumatic backgrounds, so his example was pivot for us.

The level of dedication that Madec showed to the program, the community and his players allowed us to fully buy into something and accomplish our goals, which was a state championship that year. I even surpassed and accomplished personal goals such as becoming player of the state. The time I spent in Madec’s program showed me that anything is possible, with dedication and hard work. It was the most challenging time for me as I was living in section 8 housing and on food stamps that year.

Madec was a key source of hope in making it out of said circumstances. I am now a serial entrepreneur and have climbed to management ranks in the technology industry. I can attribute breaking through glass ceiling, to the time I spent building my mental toughness in Madec’s program. He’s one of the most exemplary people I’ve met in terms of living with values, principles and how doing so produces honest results. These are lesson that I’ll utilize for the rest of my life.

Madec has been impactful beyond measure and I am extremely disappointed that any administration would attempt to reprimand someone who has been a beacon of hope for so many athletes in the Central Valley, which is already a region of limited opportunities. Madec all day.

Vanessa House

To Whom It May Concern.

Hello, My name is Vanessa House. I am a former Fresno City College Women’s Basketball Player 2006-2008. From the time I met Coach Ed Madec I always knew his genuine and supportive push is what our athletic community needed. Coach Madec has always upheld a great example for all athletes not just his players, but for all players within the Fresno City College community. As an athlete I was supported by the hard work, dedication and high morals Coach Madec exhibited by his efforts to hold every athlete accountable. Coach Madec created a standard, a culture of honesty, integrity and a no nonsense atmosphere which pushed each athlete to became the best version of themselves. It troubles me to hear that such a person is going through such times, but I expect nothing less, he continues to lead by example and never gives up.

Please accept this letter of support as a testimony of the person I respectfully call Coach Madec. It is my hope that Coach Madec may immediately return to the court where he belongs.

Sincerest Regards,

Vanessa House

Beau Henegar

To whom it may concern,

I first met Ed when he was the assistant basketball coach at Chico State University. I was immediately drawn to his passion for the game. Ed was the first person I met that loved the game more than myself! I was 20 years old then, I’m 40 now, and still when I think back, my greatest years of my career were because of him. Years I grew the most. Years i learned how to play as a team. I continued my education, enthralled in the game of basketball because of Ed’s passion. I graduated college because of Ed. I stand by this man in full support and recognition of his integrity and generous heart.

I have two children now. If I were to draw up a good life for them, it would include the blessing of a mentor like Ed Madec. Some people go about life wondering what they are here to do, but not Ed, there’s no doubt, no question. Ed came here to Coach basketball. My wish for Ed is a wish for the hundreds of young men yet to enter his gym. May they also, have the blessing of learning the game from such a brilliant mentor.


Beau Henegar

Colton Hafey

Genuine love, devotion and a passionate leader for young men are 3 core characteristics that come to mind when I think about my time with Coach Madec at Fresno City College. These are just a few of the many exceptional attributes that Coach Madec possesses that will have helped young men become successful in school, athletics and life. Although these characteristics are different in their respective ways, they also go hand in hand, with love comes devotion, then devotion leads to a passionate leader you can trust. It is my honor to be one of many voices to speak on behalf of Coach Madec, his family and the Fresno City Brotherhood.

Coach Madec has genuine love, devotion and a passion to be a leader for the young men that come through the Fresno City brotherhood. I have seen this first-hand as well as received the love and devotion that Coach Madec and his staff provide for each and every player. I have had a unique perspective of interacting with Coach Madec from two different viewpoints, first a player to coach, secondly as an alumni that witnessed other players like myself become positively impacted from the love and devotion provided by Coach Madec, his family and staff. From my two years of playing and now going on 6 years of supporting the program as an alumni, my interactions with Coach Madec and every player were always treated like we are family and a unique bond that cannot be broken. Coach Madec has consistently instilled family, love, devotion and passion in every generation of teams he coached. As a player and now having outside eyes as an alum, you are able to sense as well as witness the devotion Coach Madec has for his young men. As a player you sensed and believed in his devotion to create a better person, student and athlete through conversation and action. When you experienced the love and devotion displayed by Coach Madec as a player or even if you were someone that has had a conversation with him, you understood that you weren’t having a conversation or experience with a normal coach, but a conversation and authentic experience with a man that wore many hats from being a role model, father figure and a passionate leader of the next generation.

I am from Seattle, WA, the transition from a high school student-athlete to a college student-athlete was not easy, I had no family and no familiar faces. What got me through my two years at Fresno City is rightfully owed to Coach Madec, for building a program that revolved around love, devotion and passion for your fellow brother. My time at Fresno City I wasn´t the perfect student or athlete, I made mistakes, but the person to not give up on me was Coach Madec. Instead Coach Madec instilled more love, devotion and passion into a young man like myself that was not perfect. The reason I am a current college coach at South Puget Sound Community College in Washington is due to my time spent at Fresno City College. I have chosen a career route that doesn’t pursue money, but instead it pursues love, devotion and a passion to help change the lives of young men just like Coach Madec has changed mine.

Sincerely, Colton Hafey

Pat Fuscaldo

To whom it may concern, I’ve been asked to write a character reference for Ed Madec. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ed since 1993. I recruited Ed to come to the College of Notre Dame in Belmont Ca. Ed was admitted and was all set to attend the college as a student athlete for the men’s basketball team. At which time I was offered the Sonoma State Head Basketball Coaching position. When I spoke to Ed he was really upset that I was leaving and wanted to come with me to SSU. I asked him to think about it because, he was already admitted and had received a full financial aid packet to CND. With in a few hours he applied to SSU. And with in days was admitted. He did this all on his own. When I asked him if he was sure he wanted to do this he said yes of course . “I want to play for you.” I was overwhelmed then by his loyalty and commitment to our relationship. With in two years this 6’3 206 lbs small center became the player of the year in the NCAC conference. Ed became the standard on the kind of players we wanted to play at SSU. His toughness was second to no player that I have coach in my 40 years. His work ethic, effort, intensity, and leadership quality was a testament to his character. Ed was a major part in bringing respect and competitiveness back to SSU. He was an assistant coach after he graduated and was solely responsible for organizing our weight training and conditioning program. He went on to graduate school and went into coaching and became one of the most successful community college coaches in California. In the 27 years I’ve known Ed he’s always been about character. He’s a great husband, father, teacher, mentor and coach. I was so very proud that he followed me to SSU. It changed both our lives for the better. I find it absurd that I’d be writing a letter for Ed Madec because someone is questioning his character. Ed is all about character… now, then, and always. If anyone needs to discuss this any further, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you Respectfully,

Pat Fuscaldo

Nikki Crandall

To whom it may concern, My family and I have known Ed Madec for the past 2 years. Our sons played on the same basketball team that Ed coached. During those two years our son gained tremendous growth in his basketball skills. Not only was there basketball lessons that Madec taught, he also taught what it meant to have good morals. Some examples were how to be a team player, always helping your opponent off the floor, shake hands and look that person in the eye, and the importance of health and nutrition. At the end of every game and practice Madec would always tell each player how proud he is of them. He knew how to keep positive morale, keep kids motivated and has been such a wonderful mentor to our son. We have seen him volunteer so much of his time and has never asked for anything in return. He truly cares about each player developing their talent.

My son respects coach Madec and enjoys being coached by him. We appreciate the kindness, time and energy that Ed Madec has shown these past 2 years. He is a great coach and a great human being.

Nikki Crandall

Christian Carroll

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing this letter regarding the recent issues involving Ed Madec and Fresno City College. I am a former player of coach Madec and I cannot fathom why or how this would ever happen. I played basketball nearly my entire life and coach Madec was the most genuine coach I have ever played for. The intensity that he brings every day challenged me as an athlete and as a man and built my character as well as all my teammates. I did not understand hard work until I went through a year of Fresno City basketball under Ed Madec. What was the most inspiring about him was that he pushed us extremely hard, but he worked even harder than that. He was always the epitome of hard work and effort, so I respected him and wanted to work hard like him. The generosity and love that he has for people is another thing that comes to mind when I think about coach Madec. I remember coach Madec had met a homeless man that would be around campus and he started attending our home games. After every home game coach Madec would run over and find the homeless man and give him as much of the leftovers as he could from the snack bar. That was something I will always remember about coach Madec. I learned countless life lessons at Fresno City and earned a scholarship to play at a four-year college and earned my degree.

“Entitled to nothing grateful for everything” – Ed Madec


Christian Carroll

Hardy Aprilla

To Whom It May Concer,

My name is Hardy Asprilla and I am the Associate Head Coach for the Men’s Basketball team at California Baptist University.I was born and raised in Colombia, South America. I earned a basketball scholarship to attend Lon Morris Community College in Texas and after my Freshman year I decided to transfer to College of the Sequoias where Coach Ed Madec served as the assistant coach. I felt a genuine connection with Coach Madec from the very moment we met; he promptly challenged me with questions to find out if I was truly a warrior or just another person unwilling to pay the price to become a successful man in society. I began to think, “Who is this man that I just met, and why is he so comfortable trying to figure out ways to make me a better person”?

My sophomore year at College of the Sequoias was a pivotal moment in my life because I was fortunate enough to spend innumerable hours under Coach Madec’s tutelage. There were hard moments where I just did not want to keep following his instructions and walk away, but Coach Madec demonstrated so much care for me by always asking about my family, breaking bread with me when I did not have anything to nourish on, constantly reminded me the importance of academics and learning beyond my classes. He simply cared about me not only as a player, but he was truly committed to helping me become the very best version of myself. At the end of my sophomore year, I earned a full scholarship to attend California State University, Fullerton. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a master’s degree in Sport Psychology. There is no doubt in my mind that it would have been very difficult to accomplish this kind of success without Coach Madec’s leadership.

I embarked on my coaching career in part, because I was inspired by Coach Madec’s life and how he had influenced so many young men’s lives. I also saw his beautiful family and a wonderful fulfilled life that he has created through hard work, consistency and undeniable dedication to his players. Therefore, I wanted to enjoy the fruits of the good life as he was doing.I am proud to share that I am happily married to my beautiful wife and we have two wonderful children. I will always credit coach Madec in a major way for helping me believe that anything is possible and with his guidance, it has shaped my life in ways that he probably can never imagine.

Who could have ever thought that a young kid from Colombia arriving to this wonderful nation with no money gets to achieve the American dream, because he was fortunate enough to meet somebody like Coach Madec, who took the time to lead him and stayed loyal even when that kid did not wanted to listen. I will be forever grateful to Coach Madec, I often remind him of my respect and love towards him, and it makes me smile when he also expresses his love back to me.

Lamont Tumbling

To whom it may concern

My name is LaMont Tumbling, I am writing this letter in support of Coach Ed Madec, and hoping that the powers that be reconsider their decision to suspend him and reinstate him immediately. This decision has effected many innocent people and has the potential to ruin a great man’s reputation. Ed Madec is a true pillar of the country’s junior college basketball community. I have had the pleasure of observing Mr. Ed Madec mentor, coach, groom, motivate and inspire young men with the utmost poise for the past 12 years. Ed is just what some of these young men need in their lives, the fact that so many of them come back to show their gratitude to him is a testament to the positive influence he has had on their lives. Coach Madec has created one of the top junior college programs in the country. It takes a special player to play for Coach Madec, most of the young men know this when they go to tryouts, and those that don’t soon find out.

What I admire the most about Coach Madec and the Brotherhood that he has created, is that it does what other programs should be doing, preparing young men for life after basketball. The Brotherhood teaches these young men to use basketball and to not let basketball use them. As an African American I have seen and lived how some coaches at all levels of competitive sports will use a player for personal gain, to just win games, and when the player is no longer any use to them the coach is nowhere for support in the young man’s life. Coach Madec is the total opposite, he has an open door policy, once you are a part of the Brotherhood you are always a part of the Brotherhood. I have heard numerous success stories from former players of Ed’s, that without the Brotherhood they do not know what their lives would be right now.

I will continue to support Ed Madec, he is a true professional and a man of integrity.

Edward Sartin

I’m writing this letter to explain the efforts of a person whom we did not know, but a man of his word. This person is Coach Madec. There was an issue with the comfortability our son had with coaches. He was an under rated basketball player with above average grades. He had a great freshman year and became a productive student. Although he was doing ok in sports and school, he chose to transfer to a college he thought would be better for him. My son never anticipated he would be injured for 2 years and was thinking more about leaving basketball altogether. Coach Madec came along and remembered my son and saw a well rounded person and encouraged him to not give up on his talent. He told him “if you are willing to work hard and give 100% in all your efforts he will do his best to guide you and your teammates to a season they would be proud of”. He worked hard for the players. Getting the kids noticed because of their efforts and academic achievements. Not only did he keep his word, Coach helped parents with information to look and find a place for their son to stay during his time at FCC if it was necessary. My son road a bike to school and walked to school all throughout the school year. He made every effort to stay committed to the efforts of the coach, believing in his system. Coaches mentorship help create a belief in enjoying my son’s passion. Think about it a kid is raised to be active and he becomes a gifted Talent in the process, and thinks he could get a great scholarship to a school that will help mentor him into a productive citizen. However he fell out of love for the game until Coach Madec ignited my son’s passion again. Helped him by directing Marcus to achieve his goal and don’t give up. Making sure the players took responsibility of deadlines on and off the court. If there was a problem with Marcus our son he would call us to let us know he is ok. If we had any concerns to please call him at work or home. We supported our son in every financial way we could and Marcus did the same in whatever he could to make ends meet. Thanks to coach Madec our son Marcus Hall obtained a full ride scholarship from Portland State University. Most importantly he Graduated with a Bachelor Degree. He has begun working on a Graduate Degree. With many of these young men coming to his program they achieved a love for each other that I have yet to recognize anywhere else. Many players came from different communities and some not so favorable locations (Inner cities). This created a respect you cant buy or place a price on because it changed many lives and educated many players. It showed how hard work and understanding can make a difference. This also taught them that the difference begins with them. I as a parent shook hands with these players and felt very humbled in how these young men Coach Madec mentored developed into very respectable men. After understanding this you can see why some players wanted to leave their communities to only come back and help others left behind. We must understand some players will only have the experience coach was able to guide them through . One player whom I can’t mention by name but face, was a fine respectful young man. Who on his return home from college yrs. Was gunned down in the community he grew up . Because of Coach and the unity he brought to his environment sometimes tough love, I will say it help to establish a relationship of love among teams and his players. Most of this teammates of the player who lost his life returned to see their brother home one last time. A testament to what coach instilled in his program.

This is what this coach tries to do. He coaches hard, he works hard for the players, he ensures they have what they need to survive the tough times of the college experience, and most of all a support system among his players. Counting on each other in studying, achieving and completing the task put in front of them. I have always liked how coach Madec is because some kids need just what he brings to believe in themselves and succeed. Intense, no nonsense, never give up, and a never say never coach. Who does not want that?

Regardless of how you may see a coach, players are different because of every economic base, they need different attention, support, and the leadership in driving the fact that this part of life is a educational experience that will have a positive effect on your future.

I have seen that leadership in Coach Madec

David Rico

Coach Madec was a great influence on my life all throughout my junior college years and still after that. He was like a father figure outside of home. He would always go out of his way to support me and my teammates especially when it came to financial aid and things that did not need to be handled by an athletic coach. He handled financial aid for us because the school was not easy to talk to. The President of the school would not help, and neither would anyone else on the staff besides Kelly. They always made it hard for athletes to succeed. If it weren’t for Coach Madec, I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today. He has helped my teammates and I grow from young boys to young men and he instilled in us a strong work ethic that I will forever be grateful for. If it wasn’t for him, Fresno City would not have been the place that that it is today, and it would not have had the success it did without him. He gave us a winning culture and that is something that would not have happened without him there always pushing athletes to do better. I strongly believe that the accusations that are being used against him are not fair and a lot of the time the peanut butter and honey sandwiches that were provided to us occasionally were the only reason a lot of us would get through practice and the day since we were so short on money. What Fresno City College is doing to Coach Madec is wrong and shameful because every single athlete who has played for him has been rewarded a scholarship and an opportunity to further their athletic career. I do not think any other coach could say the same thing. If Coach Madec really loses his position, Fresno City will never be the place it is without him and the culture there will never go back to how it was. The “Brotherhood” is something real and it is a culture that Coach Madec installed in us since the first day we stepped foot on campus. Madec is everything you hope a head coach could be and much more. I would not be in the position I currently am in if it were not for him. He made it possible for a lot of us to get our degree with an athletic scholarship because a lot of us could not afford college if it was not for athletics.

Hector Nava

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Ed Madec. I have known him for a very long time, about 14 years. I met him when I went to a basketball clinic at Hoover High School in Fresno. I approached him to ask him some questions that I had regarding basketball and ever since then it led to over a decade of friendship between us. I would describe him as loyal, honorable, and respectful. Whenever I think of him, I am reminded of what a valuable person he is and how he brings value to our community. As our friendship grew, I realized that he was going to be a friend that I had for life. Throughout the years, he welcomed me to his gym and his loyalty grew tremendously. He took the time out of his day on numerous occasions to call me regardless if I was winning or struggling as a coach. It was times like this that made his loyalty flourish because he would invite me to the gym and meet with me on various occasions to teach me new basketball concepts or skills.

Coach Madec kept his word throughout the years and this says a lot about his true character. There was a time when he took time out of his schedule to meet my family and spend time with us. I remember a time when he came to our family vocational home and spent two days with us where he fed my family and about 15 other guests for two days. He values family so much that this was another lesson he wanted to show me. He wanted me to learn first hand that family is important and that we as coaches are so busy throughout the season, but we need to make sure that we always put our families first. Even when things get crazy coaching, we need to always think about our families and how they sacrifice so much so that we can coach.

Another life long lesson that Coach Madec taught me is how to respect the game of basketball. This was a respect that was developed on and off of the basketball court. He taught me that basketball is not just about the X and O, but the way you interact with the player and people in your program is a vital part of the game. He reminded me of my soldier life in the Army because he always makes sure that everything was done correctly. The effort that he puts into coaching is remarkable and really demonstrates the love that he has for the game. As well, he demonstrated other lessons of taking care of the little things and the people around you if you want to be successful in basketball and ultimately in life. I have been coaching for 17 years and I consider him a very honorable man. The things that he does on and off of the basketball court have played a major role in not only my life but he has impacted many players, people, and coaches. He has played a drastic impact in my coaching career and my life as a person. Coach Madec has helped me achieve many accomplishments throughout my life. This includes my coaching career and in the area of me being a family man.

I appreciate his love for the game of basketball and even more for his devotion to family. If you would please take this into consideration when making a decision, I would greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Zachary Gonzales

When I think back to my time at Fresno City, the only thing that comes to mind is Ed Madec, coach Madec saved and changed my life! He was a huge mentor in my life. I came to Fresno city when I was 18, a kid fresh out of high school and had no idea what I was in for… I struggled with depression my freshman year… I attempted to kill myself. The only person there for me after that was Coach Madec! Not the school. Not a teacher… coach ED Madec kept it real with me every day and was there for me!! He was there every day for me! I ended up transferring because I missed home, mad it’s a decision I regret all the time! I spent 2 years with coach Madec and value that time I spent with him! Fresno city college basketball team will go down as one of the best schools for basketball ever in California hoops and that’s because of Ed Madec! Nobody else! 14 straight titles Is amazing! Ed Madec is a Legend! He taught me so many things that I now teach my athletes here at The University of Oregon! I have been working with Men’s Basketball team for 2 years here and the lessons Madec taught me I am teaching my athletes now!

Madec deserves to be the coach! He has impacted so many kids in a positive way and changed their life! I love him! Bring Madec back! He deserves to be there!

Nick Sainato

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Coach Ed Madec. I have had the privilege of knowing Coach Madec for over 10 years. From the moment that I met him he has treated me with respect. For a state champion JC basketball coach to befriend a high school JV basketball coach says a lot about his character and how he treats each person. Even though there was nothing that I had to offer him, he repeatedly came up to me at tournaments just to see how I was doing, he would text me to check up on me, had me as a guest at his practices and fundraisers and shared his knowledge of the game with me after my teams had played. When I was looking to get a job as a head coach he wrote me recommendation letters and called the schools that I applied for to put in a good word for me. I was truly humbled to have a legend in our game consider me a friend.

The longer that I stayed around his program, I noticed that all of his players imitated the class that he displayed. It was very clear that not only was he building a program that competed at the highest level in the state, but he was building men to be successful off the court. All the while he did this promoting the school that he gave his blood, sweat and tears for – Fresno City College. I have never seen a coach work as hard as him to promote his school.

I have been coaching for 18 years and a public high school teacher for 15 years. I can truly say that of all the people that I have met, I have never seen anyone better at what they do than Coach Madec.

Barbara Jenkins

To Whom it May Concern,

I feel a terrible loss hearing about Coach Madec’s dismissal as the Fresno City Basketball Coach. Coach Madec has the ability to find those young guys that most schools were not interested in, like my son Tomas Sanchez from Seattle, and forge them into young men and much improved basketball players and citizens.

If you ask my son what he learned at Fresno he would tell you he learned to be a man. Coach Madec never missed a chance to get the boys up at the podium sharing with their peers and visiting parents. They all learned public speaking from those opportunities. My son had 1 offer from our local community college about 10 minutes from our house. Coach Madec did not have to unfairly compete to get him or most of his other teammates – CAUSE COACH MADEC IS USUALLY THE ONLY COACH THAT WANTS THEM.

My son had the experience of going to the Final four twice and winning the state Championship his Sophomore year. Coach Madec taking a chance on him gave him the exposure to get recruited by a D1 school, Idaho State, where he got his BA along with his AA from Fresno. He also has gone on to support himself playing over seas for 7 years. His high school coach told him he was not good enough to play at a D1.

My son and myself know absolutely in our bones and heart, that Coach Madec would do anything he could to help us out if either of us had a problem. He was and maybe still is, the most important male figure my son has had. He is now a successful, self assured college graduate and we owe so much of it to Coach Madec and his experience at Fresno city.

Fresno City College should be proud of what their Coach and program was able to accomplish with these misfit bunch of young boys he finds. I find it ridiculous that feeding hungry boys is now considered a fire able event. We as a family have worn our Fresno city gear with pride, which by the way, they did NOT have too much of. Go visit San Francisco City College if you want to find unfair comparisons. I find the reasons given shameful for his firing and will be waiting to hear it gets resolved in a positive manner.

Seth Dawson

My name is Seth Dawson and I played at Fresno City last year. I was in the midst of the investigation and I must say it took a toll on us as a team and me as a student athlete. It felt weird to be involved in such a weird thing when I had to go to class, come home, study, practice, and even work. It made no sense. At first I thought why is it like this? We are the most successful program at the school besides wrestling, but it seemed we never got the support we deserved. The administration never backed us up. It felt like it was racially derived, and it seemingly got confirmed when the black and Mexican athletes got called in for questioning. I felt disrespected and with everything going on, I felt humiliated. We didn’t deserve that. Madec doesn’t deserve any of this. When we felt abandoned, he was the only one in our corner helping us, not the administration or the president. This is unjust and unfair. We deserve far better than this. We have never been treated so poorly and discriminated against then how the Fresno City administration treated us. We have all transferred as our experience at Fresno City was miserable except for the time we were loved and mentored by Coach Madec.

LaBrent Chappell

To whom it may concern,

When it comes to people I’ve come across in my life, I can’t think of a more influential person, other than a relative then Ed Madec. He is responsible, for the tenacity and determination that I carry with me throughout my life. He showed me and prepared me for the real world and how to face and get over any challenges and adversity as they come. Ed Madec has been more than just a basketball coach for me. He has been a leader, a mentor, and a friend.

The same lessons that he taught me over the years is, the same lessons that I’ve passed on to siblings and other love ones, and I am so grateful to see how much growth it has brought to their individual lives. I have played for many coaches over the years, and Ed Madec was the only coach, to care more about LaBrent Chappell the person, before LaBrent Chappell the basketball player. For this reason, we have always maintained contact over the years and have a relationship outside of basketball. I can’t say that for any of the other coaches that I have played for. The crazy part is, I am not the only one who has had this experience with Ed.

It’s truly amazing to have witnessed over the years, how much Ed has impacted so many people that come through his program. He has been a great role model, and from day one has always treated us with respect, and never put himself above us. We were all one. We are a family. I am so grateful and blessed to have Ed Madec in my life and I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it were not for him.

John Belli Jr

To whom it may concern,

I am writing in support of Ed Madec. I have known Ed for the last 5 years through his coaching of a close friend’s son, and teaching at Fresno City College. Recently, he has been the subject of some negative criticism by persons unknown to me and his job at FCC may be at stake. I have spent a lot of time with Ed recently and was fortunate to see his games and interaction with his players over the past few years. I met many of Ed’s players, and attended FCC basketball fundraisers and dinner with the entire team. I was amazed how professional, well dressed and polite the team was at one of the dinners.

Ed’s interaction with these young men is more than just a position of coach. They were a family with a strong commitment to each other. How else do you win so many state championships! I have a son who played high school and college sports; both he and I learned from Ed how to be successful as an athlete/parent. Ed knows how to keep the boys focused, and down the direct path to success and he has proven this over and over again.

I have seen the first hand the response from some of his players past and present who can tell their stories how Ed changed their lives through coaching and teaching. Many who went on to four-year universities and became successful in their professional and personal lives. Ed is a strong individual our schools need in this type of leadership position. Fresno City College would being doing a great disservice to the students, athletes and community we live in if we lost such a dedicated individual!

Jesse Cuslidge

To Whom It May Concern, My name is Jesse Cuslidge, I am currently a 5th Grade teacher in the local area. I coached with Ed Madec during the 2009-2010 basketball season at Fresno City College. I am writing you this letter to express the life-altering experiences that I had while a coach under Coach Madec’s tutelage. I came to Fresno City College after coaching at a rival school for three season. During my only year at Fresno City College, Coach Madec taught me many life lessons that did not just pertain to basketball. He taught me how to truly be a professional in the coaching world. The lessons he taught me individually, but more so towards our team are and were vital pieces to many, including myself, of how to grow and be a strong individual in life. These lessons were not just on the basketball court. They were lessons about health and wellness, they were lessons about how to conduct yourself properly and professionally and how to hold yourself in high regards. Learning these things still have a profound impact on my life on a day to day basis. They are also lessons that I instill on my students on a day to day basis and would not be able to conduct myself in this type of manner if it were not for Coach Madec. Coach Madec is one of the, if not the most, selfless human-being I have ever encountered. Through the years since I was on the bench with Coach Madec, I still consider him a friend and mentor. Our conversations may not be at great length, but the words that he instills, still to this day, I hold in high regard, knowing that he and I will be life long friends and someone who I look up to in may ways. He is a great family man, he is a great father, and husband. He teaches boys who are coming out of high school how to be men. Strong-minded men who are able to think on their own and are able to handle the world and life, however their life may turn out. He epitomizes the saying, “giving the shirt off your back”. He puts everyone before himself. He does everything he does for the best interest of whomever he is helping and never asks for anything in return. There are not many humans built like Ed Madec, but our world would be a much better place if we all took his selfless approach to our own lives.

Dshon Cannon

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter in support of Ed Madec, the Head Coach for Fresno City College’s Men’s Basketball Program. For the last 16 years, I have been an ex-player, friend and professional colleague of Ed Madec and he has had a profound impact on my life.

As a troubled youth, I was sent to Ed Madec ( in 2004) while he was the Head Coach of the Men’s Basketball Program at Siskiyous College in Weed, Ca. The year prior to me being sent to Siskiyou College, I had been enrolled at Chico State and was a member of their basketball program. Due to ongoing behavioral issues, I was sent to Siskiyous College to be mentored by Ed Madec. From the time I arrived in August of 2004, Ed began to mold me into the mature, responsible and accountable person that I am today. I was not the only member of the basketball program that needed a positive male role model and mentor. There were numerous individuals that came from tough backgrounds that needed the support Ed Madec provided. Through all of my inconsistencies and shortcomings as a troubled young man, Ed was there every step of the way. He helped me strengthen my mind and body so I could not only be successful on the basketball court, but in any facet of my life as an adult. The best thing Ed Madec provided me with was a clear standard of what it took to be successful. Through all of the hard work, grueling practices and constructive feedback I obtained over my residency at Siskiyous College, I learned certain values such as:

● Dedication

● Accountability

● Integrity

● Resiliency

● Respect ( for myself and for others)

After finishing my time at Siskiyous College, I was able to receive a scholarship to CSU Monterey Bay, which is located in Monterey, Ca. I flourished at this institution during the five years I was a student there. Not only did I achieve high success as an athlete, but more importantly, I was able to receive my Bachelor’s Degree, my teaching credential, met my wife of 15 years and now I am a Middle School Science Teacher in the place I arrived after the tutelage of Ed Madec. If it wasn’t for the support of Ed during the most difficult year of my life, I would have undoubtedly been in a worse position than I am today. It is with pleasure that I provide this character reference on behalf of Ed Madec and if I could accomplish half of the achievements in my life as he has, I would consider myself a successful and an impactful individual.

Rodney Webster

To whom it may concern I, Rodney Webster attended Fresno City College in 2010 and had the honor to be coached and monitored by Edward Madec. An institution’s foundation is only strong and solid as its faculty members and employees. This is very apparent to me because the only reason why I chose to play for FCC was because of Madec. I knew Madec was a great coach but what I did not know was he would become much more. Madec became the father figure in my life that I always needed. My relationship with Madec has always been bigger than basketball. When I entered into Madec’s life, I was a lost, confused and angry young black man with no sense of direction and by the grace of God, Madec took me under his stewardship even though he didn’t have to. Madec was the first person in my life that made me feel that I had a purpose and held me accountable for my actions. If you are in search of a person whose passion is developing young men into productive citizens and just so happens to teach basketball, then Ed Madec is your person! I know for a fact, if it wasn’t for Madec, I would have become just another statistic, possibly in prison or even dead. Instead I am married and own a home, and I am in the process of purchasing my first investment property, due to Madec teaching me these life skills. It wasn’t the FCC administration that would check up on me when I had a bad day or show me how to balance a check book and live below my means, it was Madec. Through firsthand experience, if you want a basketball program that will contend for championships every year, Madec will bring that winning culture to your institution. He is the man for the job and you can bet the farm on it!

Donnie Johnson

Hello my name is Donnie Johnson and this letter should serve as my personal response to Ed Madec and the Fresno City Men’s Basketball Program. I have known the Fresno City Basketball program much longer than I’ve known Coach Ed Madec. I’ve lived in this community all my life and feel like I’ve been a lifeline to the local basketball that’s being played in this community for over 45yrs. I’ve watched coach Madec and his program very closely over the years, I see a very tough program for kids to become a part of. Priorities are established early with school and academics rating right at the top, but the most important of all is the ability to change and become quality young men. I have to say this act is the one that most impresses me, the fact that most young men show up at FCC with very little guidance and direction but leave forever changed sends a strong statement to the school they will represent next. To witness the transformation of the student athlete over a two year stay at FCC in the program is truly a blessing in time, I’m extremely impressed with the young African American student athletes because they come with a spirit that this is the best place to get the chance to play ball and get the opportunity to receive a college scholarship. They believe this because the numbers show it as previous players Black athletes in high volume return frequently and share the stories of success with them. Now on to Coach Ed, I’ve seen most every coach that has coached at FCC and I feel like coach Madec’s overall approach that all players matter speaks volumes. I say this because with the BLM movement starting to open doors for people of color we should take the time to look a little closer at what’s right here in our own backyard. Ed Madec is a soldier and the students that end up surviving the tough, discipline, intense program he runs are forever changed. Coach Madec preaches daily about “not allowing the system to use you” to his teams and telling the athlete to help them themselves, that basically means to take school seriously. This allows them to understand and have a clear picture that as a athlete they have a job to do be good students, be respectful as you walk your day, take care of your personal business, be a good teammate, so that when the opportunity that another program from the next level comes along the student will be prepared to take advantage of the situation and get the opportunity to play at the 4yr level with the idea that a scholarship is going to be available to them. I am amazed at how many young men return to FCC when they have finished their basketball career’s with 4yr degrees and share with current players about their journey. This allows a clearer picture for parents and athletes to see the foundation and path has been laid out before you and it’s your opportunity to go get. In closing I know that none of this is possible without the daily impact coach Madec has on all of his students from his team to his classroom. As we go through these tough times in our world I feel good knowing that Coach Ed Madec has prepared young men with the tools to handle all things by being positive examples and passing on hope and faith to others that your goals can be achieved. They have truly been tested everyday to become their best inner person. Thank you

Rich Bernier

To whom it may concern,

This letter is in reference a person who I hold in the highest esteem for his character, work ethic and personal integrity…Ed Madec. Coach Madec is the Head Coach for the Fresno City Community College Men’s Basketball program and has served at this post for many years. As a former college athlete, also in Men’s Basketball, I have a keen interest and love for all college/university athletics. As a parent of a child who was guided under the instruction and tutelage of Coach Madec and our son’s pursuit of academic, personal and basketball skill development, I have witnessed excellence at every level. The characteristics necessary for success in today’s society require more than athletic ability…

Integrity, commitment, work ethic and the consideration for others become integral in the student athletes course for long term strategy. I am proud to say that Coach Madec helped in each aspect of our son Ian’s success and because of my interest in the Fresno City Basketball program I had the privilege to experience on a personal level what I consider to be Coach Madec’s desire for individual excellence in each of his student athletes and his surrounding coaching support staff.

If I can help you understand in a more articulate way, as there are many examples, I am available for a conversation at your convenience.

Bryce Barton

Ed Madec is nothing short of a great man. His will and drive to make others and the community better is one of the reasons why I chose to attend Fresno City College. Even though I have only spent one year at Fresno City, I have learned more about life and basketball than I ever have. Ed Madec has instilled the strong values of brotherhood, leadership, and integrity in me and many other young men who have played for him. He has done NOTHING but nurtured us as his own and shown us positive light in hopes we one day fulfill our dreams of getting a scholarship and playing college basketball. Ed Madec has done NOTHING but have our best interest in mind to benefit us on and off the court. He is one of the most caring and thoughtful men I have had the chance to meet in my life, and I am forever indebted to him. There are many reasons why me and so many others have come to Fresno City College to play basketball, and all of them are because of him. Ed Madec is nothing short of a legend in California Junior College basketball, and will be celebrated as one for years to come, Thank you.

Erwin Hammock

My name is Erwin Thomas Hammock. I’m an African American male from Compton , CA. I came from a family that didn’t have a whole lot of money. I grew up around gang violence my whole life. So my only escape from this was basketball and education. After high school I didn’t get a scholarship. But Coach Madec was one of the few coaches that saw potential in me. I heard he was a great coach and a  great winner. So I decided playing for Coach Madec was my best decision.  

Making the decision to play for coach Madec was the best decision of my life. Not because I won a lot of games and a state championship, but because of the person coach Madec is. He’s the best coach I ever played for. Coach Madec took care of everything for us. Because he genuinely cares about his players. He taught me how to be a man I am today. He told me as an educated black man I can accomplish anything I want in this world. I’m living proof of that today. 

After playing for coach Madec in 2011-2013.  I went on to graduate from Bellevue university. I’m the only person in my family to ever graduate from college university. I am now my own hero in the city where I grew up . Now I’m able to change the lives and mentor the youth of the city where I’m from. None of this will be possible without Coach Madec.

Andrew Rochin

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to express my wholehearted support of Ed Madec. I do this not out of obligation or any other reason, but for the respect and appreciation I have for this individual. I have had the privilege to know Ed for the last 3 years. My involvement with Ed began when he volunteered to coach a 4th grade basketball team from a school that neither he nor his kids were affiliated with; this relationship with Ed continued through our first acquaintance to the present time.

Because there were not enough parent/coaches available, Ed was asked to take on a team and volunteer his time three nights a week and every weekend for tournaments. When we were notified, at the parent-meeting, one of the most well known and respected Juco coaches in the nation was going to volunteer his time for our kids, we were floored. Amongst ourselves, we asked, “What in the world does he want with this?” A week later, I met Ed and from the first minute, all was made clear.

I could go on for longer than you might have the patience to read, but will attempt to summarize who I know Ed to be. Ed has a love of basketball, a love of teaching, a heart for service and a desire to lift those he interacts with to a higher standard. I watched him every game and practice work with these young boys, encouraging them to be better than what they expected of themselves. Sure, Ed was able to mold a winning team out of kids that had no business of winning because that what he does. However, and more importantly, Ed motivated these children to be people of integrity, of discipline and respect. Each season, the turnaround in these children was amazing.

Over the course of these last three years or so, I have seen Ed inspire and push young boys to succeed through hard work and determination. If they do not first believe in what they are capable of, it is only a matter of time before they do, ultimately reaching goals they thought impossible. On several occasions, I have spoken with Ed about his approach to helping youth achieve these greater heights and have seen it at work with his youth team(s) and Juco players. I can assure anyone who is reading this, Ed is a man of principal who loves his players with a fierce loyalty and a conviction to do what is right for them.

I sincerely hope this letter of support does not fall on deaf ears because of a preconceived position. I do hold optimism that any consideration of the facts will encompass the opinions of those who actually know and interact with Ed on a regular basis. I believe this side of the story to be important as I hope you will too. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Aaron Hill

To Whom It May Concern:

I am emailing you this letter on behalf of Coach Ed Madec. I am a former student athlete at Fresno City College. I attended FCC from 2007-2009 and graduated with my AA degree.

Coach Madec was an integral part of my development as a student, athlete, and most importantly as a man. He gives all his players his all in everything he does. He teaches us life lessons, correlates being on the court with everyday life, and most of all, show his players he actually cares about their well being. He works tirelessly to ensure players can achieve their goals on and off the court. He assisted me in achieving of the biggest accomplishments in my life with receiving an Athletic scholarship to California State University, San Bernardino.

Overall, I believe Coach Madec is the epitome of first class and abides by all rules as a head coach. It is evident through the relationship I still have and he still has with many of his former players. Thank you for your time and I hope you guys make the best decision and reinstate Coach Madec.

Rhonda Ashanti

A Great Person/ A Great Coach

To whom it may concern, just wanted to let you know about this person. First, he open his loyalty to the players in his space. First and foremost is education and study before playing. His thoughts are don’t just focus on playing, have something to fall back after basketball. Secondly he is a father and family to some of the players. In this time we are in we need more people like this coach. I thanks for my son who not only played for him but got his degree and moved on and got his BA and masters thanks to his coach who always told him to continue working hard and make this place a better place for all of us. Thanks again coach for all you did for my son.

Johnathon Hedrington

To whom it may concern,

I attended Fresno City College the year of 2009-2010 school year. During this time, I played under coach Ed Madec. During this year I injured my leg and decided to sit out for the rest of the year and become a redshirt freshman. After losing one year of eligibility I was upset at Ed Madec and decided to transfer to Reedley college after my freshman year. After playing a year under a different coach and system I quickly knew that I made a mistake in switching schools because Fresno City went on and won the state championship under Coach Madec. Later that year I graduated from Reedley and did not receive any offers from any Division I, Division II, Division III, or NAIA schools. During the summer of the same year I went to support my high school basketball coaches’ high school varsity team that was having a tournament at Fresno City College. That same day I seen Coach Madec and he asked me if I still wanted to play college basketball because he knew of a coach in Iowa that needed a player with my skillset. At this moment I realize that Coach Madec did more for me in 10 minutes than my previous college coach had did for me in a whole year. I was going to give up on basketball and head down the wrong path but Coach Madec put himself on the line for me when he did not have to at all. So, for me writing this is extremely easy because Madec provided me with two more years of playing basketball at a high level. The memories that I had and friends that I made in Iowa will forever be in my heart and Ed Madec is the reason behind it. I went on to graduate from a 4-year university with my BA in psychology. Also, going to school in Iowa also inspired me to get my master’s degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling at Fresno State which I will be finishing up by the end of the year. In closing, I am not ashamed to say that without the help of Ed Madec I do not know where I would be in life right now. That says a lot because I never played a full year underneath Madec. So I will end by saying that I too at one point disliked or had a disagreement with Ed Madec but I soon came to realize that he is a caring individual that he truly cares about you as a whole person and not just a basketball player.

Bobby McCarthy

To Whom It May Concern,

I first would like to take the time to kindly thank you for taking the time to read this letter on behalf of myself and Coach Ed Madec. I would like to introduce a little about myself and my connection to Coach Madec and the Fresno City College Men’s Basketball program.

My name is Bobby McCarthy. I grew up in the Bay Area and played basketball at Junipero Serra High School in San Mateo. I come from a large hard working family that is built on Honesty and Good Character.

After playing high school basketball, I was a little lost on what I wanted my next passage to be in life. I had a very close mentor, who I have the upmost respect for, introduce me to Coach Madec. I knew immediately upon my initial contact with him, I needed to be a part of his program in some way. I instantly packed my bags and moved to Fresno. Coach Madec gave me the opportunity of a lifetime.

Coach Madec changed my life. Coach Madec first emphasized the importance of education and making sure that school comes first. I enrolled in classes at Fresno City College and also was able to act as an assistant coach for the men’s program. Coach Madec challenged me in so many positive ways and had such a powerful influence on who I am today.

My time at Fresno City College is something that I cherish to this day. I grew so much as a person being both part of the great school and the men’s basketball program. I truly benefited from the Community College system, but I don’t think I would have done as well if it weren’t for Coach Madec’s disciplined life style. Coach Madec has a special way of making you want to be great not only at school or in basketball, but everything we do in life. After finishing school at Fresno City College, Coach Madec made my lifetime dream come true. Coach Madec got me a college scholarship to Judson University in Elgin Illinois. I can say this whole heartedly, because of Coach Madec, I got my Bachelor’s Degree from a credited University.

I would like to elaborate on how fortunate Fresno City College is to have Coach Madec as their coach. Coach Madec is not your typical Community College coach who uses players to benefit himself. Coach Madec does not make false promises to his players and disrespect them and their families. Coach Madec does not pretend to care about his players futures.

Coach Madec plays with the cards he is dealt. Coach Madec truly puts his life and family into these young men’s lives to help them grow into “High Character” hardworking good men. These characteristics don’t exist in society anymore. The “Coach Madec’s” are extremely difficult to find.

I have been around basketball for many years, both as a player and a coach. I have played and coached at all levels. I can’t exaggerate enough how lucky Fresno City College is to have Coach Madec as the coach.

I am now a Police Officer in the Bay Area. In these crazy challenging times that we are living in, I still reflect on my times with Coach Madec and how he was able to treat everyone with respect. I use what I learned from Coach Madec in my career every day. Coach Madec was able to bring an entire diverse group of men from all backgrounds and teach them to be hardworking, intelligent, high charter good people. Coach Madec is very SPECIAL!

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am a reflection of Coach Madec and I am one of the positive stories from the Community College System.

Arte Williams


My name is Arte Williams, and I had the privilege of playing basketball for Coach Madec in the 2007-08 season. Under his guidance and his commitment to excellence, we had a fantastic year. We were continually a top-ranked team thorough out the season, and I even had individual success by being named to one of the league’s all-defensive team and receiving letters of interest from several schools. Besides the glory he helped me find on the court, he has given me so much more off the court. He taught me to be mentally tough, and it has helped me overcome many obstacles. When my mom died and I would not leave the house, he encouraged me to play in open gym. Running and banging with my Ram brothers helped me take my mind off my recent tragedy. It became my therapy, and I was able to start living and working hard again. There are many more times when Coach has helped me, but I do not have the time to tell them. Coach Madec has helped my grow in every way a person can change for the better. He is a great coach, but he is a much better leader. Letting go of Madec would be a significant loss to Fresno’s athletic community and to the students and players he would have encouraged to become than they were.

Travis Ferrell

To Whom it may concern:

As a former honor student and student-athlete at Fresno City College I would like to take this opportunity to express my strongest support for Coach Ed Madec. I attended Fresno City College from 2007-2009, upon completion I graduated with Honors and two degrees while maintaining a 3.4 GPA and competing on the Men’s Basketball Team.

During my last season at Fresno City College our team amassed a 34-1 record. However, at the start of season I injured my knee and the few coaches I had been in communication with stopped discussing future opportunities of a potential scholarship to continue my education and athletic career. As one could imagine, my injury made it very difficult to drive my vehicle, to traverse campus, and to attend classes and rehabilitation sessions in a timely fashion. As I began a pattern of absenteeism it was Coach Madec that redirected my path. He was able to arrange teammates to assist with driving me to and from campus while also coordinating assistance to help carry my school materials during the recovery process.

Despite my grades improving I still held low hopes of receiving a scholarship to continue my education. At this time Coach Madec instructed me to focus on the recovery process and that he would take care of the rest. In May of 2009, Clarke University in Iowa offered me a full-ride scholarship that was 60% athletic and 40% academic. It was Coach Madec who made this happen for me. Because of him I was able to have the opportunity to become an Academic All-American and an All-Conference Basketball Player. It was his dedication and networking that allowed me to attend a private university and graduate Summa Cum Laude in the class of 2011.

As if that was not enough, Coach Madec pushed me to obtain my Masters Degree. Without his continued support and networking I could not have afforded the cost of a private university. However, with his help I was able to receive a scholarship for a Graduate Assistant position with the Men’s Basketball Team at Webber International University in Florida. WIth this opportunity I was able to receive my MBA and graduate second in my class.

Coach Madec is a vital part of the Fresno City College Culture that promotes “enhancement of student success, lifelong learning and the economic, social, and cultural development of students and the region.” In fact, he played a vital role in my graduation from Fresno City College and my ability to Transfer to a 4 year university. During his tenure at Fresno City College he has been one of the top coaches in the country in providing academic support and opportunities while holding his Student-Athletes to the highest level of excellency on and off the court. It is with my deepest support and gratitude that implore you, Fresno City College, and the State Center Community College District to continue your support of Coach Madec.

Tommy Nuno

To whom it may concern, after graduating high school in 2016 I was uncertain of what it was I was going to do. I had uncertainty about continuing my education in college and didn’t know if I’d continue my basketball career. I was recruited to Fresno City College by Edward Madec who is an outstanding coach, but an even better mentor. Not only did Madec help me transition to college life but he helped me plan out my schooling and made sure I was on the right track in life for not only the time I was at FCC, but also for after. Madec was not just a coach to all of his players but he was and is a model adult that we all looked up too. He took it upon himself to help every person that came into that program, which wasn’t the case from the school. Madec helped me grow as a player and a man and helped better not only my life in the present but also the future. I hope this sheds light on Madec’s true nature, thank you for your time.

Richard & Pamela Tesmer

To Whom It May It Concerns,

It is our intent to write this letter as a way to express great support for Coach Ed Madec, Fresno City College Men’s Basketball Coach.

We met Coach Madec years ago when our son, Richard Tesmer, was a senior in high school. Coach Madec recruited Richie to play for him after high school had finished. The first opportunity Madec gave Richie was the confidence to wait a year as his ACL healed due to surgery in 2011 to play for him. Coach Madec was a tremendous influence on our son. The work ethic that Coach Madec instilled in our son receives compliments to this day, and will for the rest of his life. The ability to face adversity and persist through tremendous challenges, not only mentally, but physically as well is also a tool that Coach Madec taught.

Not only on the court, but Coach set the expectation and gave support for the boys on his team to receive tutoring and hold study groups as education in the classroom was expected as well. He taught the boys how to fuel their bodies with good diet and hard work. To this day, our son understands the importance that physical and mental well being is in his hands.

The gift that may be the greatest from Coach was the gift of love and brotherhood. I’ll never forget watching my son and his teammates in huddles rubbing heads, arms around each other, showing such a bond of love and brotherhood for one another, all fighting for a common goal made me so very proud. That love of your teammate, expecting the best from each other, and expecting the best from themselves is a trait Coach Madec willingly gave each and every young man on his team.

This term we currently hear, social justice, seems fairly new to many. I can tell you from our experience with Coach Madec, that the young men on his team were completely equal, all treated with the same expectations, all given love from Coach, all he expected in return was for them to take that chance with him and if they did, the traits he instilled would last a lifetime for them. Those boys, to this day, love each other and would be there for each other at the drop of a hat if one reached out and needed them. Imagine how great that must feel for those boys, to know you have brothers all around the country that love you and are rooting for you as they grow their own lives and family. Coach Ed Madec is the catalyst for that.

As for our son, as he did for who knows how many thousands of young men who have gone through his program, Coach was able to get Richie a full scholarship at a four year university. Richie was able to go on and play basketball while finishing his Bachelor’s Degree. This is something that Ed Madec did for him and for our family. In our humble opinion, Ed Madec is irreplaceable.

With deepest regards and gratitude to Coach Ed Madec.

Tammy Elkie

To whom it may concern;

I am writing this letter as a character reference for a friend and coach whom my son and I have had the pleasure of knowing the past year; Coach Ed Madec. We met Coach while my son attended his basketball camp at Fresno City College last summer. Since that time, he has helped to coach, mentor and advocate for my son Ethan Rigon. He is such a wonderful person and positive role model, and we are so thankful for his time and commitment to youth basketball, especially during such a difficult time. For free, on his own time, he personally reaches out and coaches our Fresno and Clovis youth boys and girls. But he is so much more than a coach to them. He teaches them life skills, how to think outside the box and respect others. He takes the time to individually get to know our kids and their families. I am so fortunate to call Ed my friend. In a world of so much sadness, disgust and fighting, he is a breath of fresh air. He is one of the good people in this world, trying to make a difference. Trying to better the future of tomorrow. I hope this letter is helpful and is able to give you a brief glimpse into the wonderful person Ed Madec is. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this letter in more detail, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Sultan Toles-Bey

To whom it may concern,

My name is Sultan Toles-Bey and I am writing this letter in support of Coach Ed Madec. The things I am hearing in the news are appalling. To hear the way they are dragging his name through the mud, and attacking his character is really hard to watch and hear. A man who has dedicated his life to his players and students, as well as the college and community, and to now see that same college he has given his all to, turn around and try to smear his name, it makes me sick.

I am one of the few people that have had the honor and privilege to play for and coach with Ed Madec at Fresno City College. Coach Madec has played a fundamental role in my development as a player, scholar, father, and most importantly a human being. He has taught me the true meaning of work ethic, perseverance, teamwork, dedication, and how to handle adversity along with many other things that I will not list in an attempt to keep this letter brief. All of these things were instilled in me with the coaching and guidance of Coach Madec, on and off the court.

Today, 14 years since I met Coach Madec, I can proudly say, I am a first generation college graduate, and I have even gone on to earn my Master’s degree. This would have all been impossible without the help and guidance of Coach Madec. Coach Madec is the reason I was able to continue beyond Fresno City College. During my time at Fresno City College there was very little to no support at all from the college outside of my coaches. I am writing this letter to let it be known that I stand with and support Coach Madec. He is the reason countless student-°©‐athletes have been able to continue their education beyond Fresno City College. He is the reason countless student-°©‐athletes have been able to carve out a better life for themselves and their families. The accusations and claims that I have heard are baseless and fraudulent. The fact that I have heard claims that Ed Madec is not fit to coach and lead these young men are a joke. Coach Madec has and will continue to lead and mentor young people with the pride, integrity, love and dedication that he has since day one.

Carla Lewandowski-Spivey

To whom this may concern,

I am writing this letter in support of Coach Ed Madec. My son Jess, played with Fresno City for 2 years during 2016-2018. During that time, Coach Madec was very helpful and supportive of my son and all of the players and family. Coach Madec is a very serious coach that has run a successful program for many years. He is tough but fair. Not only is he a great coach, but he is also a good person. He really cared. He was always making sure the boys were eating and cared about their well-being. My son received no assistance from Fresno City College. Coach Madec also assisted in helping my son get a scholarship to continue his education in Colorado. For the above reasons, I support Coach Ed Madec. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Scott & Amy Bundy

To Whom It May Concern,

Our family is writing this letter in support of Fresno City Head Basketball Coach Ed Madec. Our son was a player on the 2019-2020 Basketball team. Coach Madec impacted our son in a positive way, 100 times more than any professor or administrator at Fresno City. The one and only reason our son chose Fresno City was because of Coach Madec and the basketball program. Once there, it became clear he was more than just a coach. He would make sure our son was in class, and doing the things that would make him a more successful student athlete. In the short time he was with Coach Madec our son became a better student, obviously a better basketball player, and most importantly a better person. He was able to develop a bond with Coach Madec that will remain the rest of his life. Our son was well on his way to earning a scholarship to a 4 year university. Coach Madec was the only professor/coach that developed any relationship with our son, especially showing the interest in getting him that scholarship. Not one administrator or other professor attempted to develop any kind of relationship like coach. It’s really disappointing because the school tries to sell that they invest in the students, but if not for Coach Madec, we saw none of that from anyone else at FCC. Our son literally chose FCC because of Coach Madec. He was accepted into 4 year schools out of High School, but wanted the challenge of playing under Coach Madec. He knew two years with Coach Madec would prepare him for life in the real world more than any 4 year school would. That is why we as a family are perplexed at what the FCC administration is attempting to do here. We would ask that you consider all the positive aspects that Coach Madec brings to FCC, and to let him continue to impact the lives of these young men. My son is lucky to have both parents, but so many of these boys don’t. Removing Coach Madec from the lives of those boys now, and boys that were going to choose FCC in the future is a mistake.

Ryan Swain

To whom it may concern,

This letter is being written on behalf of Ed Madec. My name is Ryan Swain teacher and basketball coach at Alta Sierra Intermediate in Clovis Unified School District. I have been teaching for the last 4 years and have coached at various levels in the Buchanan area. I also am a former Fresno City Rams men’s basketball player. I attended Fresno City College and played during the years of 2012-2013 until the 2014-2015 seasons. Having played in such an elite and desired program for three years, as well as being an alumni of Fresno City College, I am embarrassed with how the school is treating Coach Madec and the program that we all built as players with Ed Madec at the helm. This program is the most successful program at the school, in the conference, the state, and the country. A major reason for that is because of Coach Madec. So, seeing how Coach Madec has been treated over the course of the last 2 years has been astonishing to say the least. In this letter, I hope to explain the contributions that both Coach Madec and the program made in the making of the man I am today.

During my recruitment process, I received the same recruiting pitch and treatment as ALL of my other teammates. I know that because I made visits to the school at the same time as other players. Nothing official, simply visiting and seeing the campus and seeing a practice and games. I received no special treatment, was offered nothing, and told that I could try out for the program. Not one person outside of the Fresno City Men’s Basketball program walked me through campus, provided any convincing reasons to go to school there, or made me feel welcomed at the school. I chose to go join Fresno City because of Coach Madec, period. His reputation as a great basketball mind, winning record, his ability to help his players move to the next level, as well as the respect he earned from his prior players, and basically everyone around him, convinced me to try out.

Once I tried out and joined the program, I decided to gray-shirt my first year. Through this, while not being a participant in practice all the time, I was able to observe the type of person that Coach Madec is. Before I joined the program and being from the Valley, I had heard from other players who could not make it at the program that Coach Madec was cruel, unfair, and wild. In my first few interactions with Coach Madec, I realized that all of the varying opinions about him were the furthest from the truth. I saw the devotion that he had to his players, and vice versa. The compassion that he had for players that struggled, his ability to know when it was the time to put an arm around his player, and when it was time to give someone a reality-check. During my gray-shirt year, and for my 2 years playing after, I learned that every decision he made was incredibly thought-out and always with the program in mind. He was willing to go to bat for every single player that he had and that was successful in his program. Which is why I, and I know countless others, are willing to go to bat for him.

After playing for Coach Madec, I wanted to move to the next step in my playing career. My family could afford for me to transfer and I also put myself in a good position because I was on the Dean’s List multiple times at Fresno City and completed my AA. This was because of Coach Madec pushing me to be the best student I could be as well as basketball player. But I wanted to see if I had an opportunity at a scholarship. I had many opportunities, both because of my play and because of HIM and HIS relationships with coaches around the country. During my time at Fresno City, I had met a special someone, who would become my wife 4 years later, so my heart at the time was set on staying in California. After my sophomore season ended, I did not have one offer from a California school at any level. It was at that point in time when I saw how committed Coach Madec was to his players and helping them move to their next step. He called every school in the PacWest conference, GSAC conference, and any other school in California that he could to see if I could get a scholarship to that school. Because of him, I was able to stay in California and attend Biola University. He called the coach there and convinced him to set up a visit with me. The coach had never seen me play, and none of his assistants had either. When I took my visit, the coach spoke highly of Coach Madec. At the end of my visit, all within 4 hours, the coach at Biola offered me a scholarship. Again, he had never seen me play. Coach Madec had convinced him of the value that I offered the program and he specifically stated that Coach Madec and his reputation was a driving influence in my offer. I gratefully accepted after discussing it with Coach Madec and my family. I did not need to pay for school and could stay in the state that I call home. This was because of Coach Madec alone. Not anyone else at the school.

I played for 2 more years at Biola, finishing up my career there. I often called Coach Madec, looking for advice, talking through this transition, and reminiscing about my time in the program and my teammates. It was at this time that Coach Madec became more of a mentor to me. In high school, I was lucky enough to play for my father, though at the time, did not consider myself to be “lucky”. He pushed me to be the best I could and did whatever it took to get me there. I often wished he wasn’t my coach at the time, but I am so grateful for it today. His coaching style was like Coach Madec’s. So, when I transferred to Biola, I expected the same. But my coach at Biola was the furthest thing from what I was used to. He was reserved, soft-spoken, and withdrawn. I was not ready or used to this. I would call Coach Madec often to get help and no matter what he took my call, no matter him running a highly successful program, being a father of 3 young boys, a husband, or having a personal life, he was always willing to give me advice and insight as to what I could be doing to be better. He was always willing to help me. He never once made an excuse for me and pushed me to adjust. At this point, I was so used to success because of Coach Madec, I could not let him down. Although I was a captain my first year at Biola and our team was ranked in the top 10 in the country for the majority of the year (which was unfamiliar territory in their recent history), I did not have the personal success I wanted. I came home, ready to become the best player I could. Coach Madec was there for me. I played with his teams in the morning, helped at practice when I could, and lifted weights with him. All this for a player he had no further use for. This shows that he is invested in each of his players to the end, not just during their time at Fresno City. After returning to Biola for my senior season, we enjoyed the same team success and I was still a captain. I also enjoyed much more personal success. All because of the work that Coach Madec put into me.

I graduated from Biola with honors. I was on the Dean’s List all four semesters I was there. After I graduated, I was ready to move back to Clovis. I returned with the idea in mind to become a teacher and coach. Again, Coach Madec was there for me. He wrote me a letter of recommendation that helped to get me hired. I had no teaching experience or classroom experience. His recommendation convinced my employer that I would be able to grind through any hardships and become a successful teacher. I don’t claim to be the best teacher yet, but the lessons I learned in each and every practice, game, trip, and conversation with Coach Madec has stuck with me. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t use something that I learned from Coach Madec. That is his lasting impression on the world. I know that each player he had succeed in his program would say the same.

In this entire letter, not once have you read that anyone from Fresno City College outside of the Fresno City Men’s Basketball program helped me. I had not one single meaningful relationship with the faculty. I was never helped by anyone in the counseling office outside of picking my classes and checking my grades at the end of a semester. Not once did I know of anyone on campus besides Coach Madec and his staff that helped me at all. Not in my time there, not in the transfer process, not during my time at Biola, not when I was hired, and not now. I do not look back at my time as a student at Fresno City College with any fondness. It was something I had to do to play basketball. When I think of Fresno City College, I think of my teammates, my coaches, and most importantly, Coach Madec. I could not even tell you one of my professor’s names. And I had at least 2-3 meaningful relationships with staff and faculty at Biola University. This shows how little impact Fresno City College had on my life. But I thank God every day for Coach Madec and his basketball program. My wife, who has coached basketball for 10 years, always describes Coach Madec to anyone that will listen as a father figure for players that were not fortunate enough to have one or maybe didn’t know they needed an extra. She has always amazed by the number of alumni players who now are wonderful fathers and have a successful professional life because of Ed Madec and the Fresno City Men’s Basketball Program. But the true marvel of the players that have had the fortune to play under Coach Madec, is how far they would go to protect and support their Coach, their family. How many coaches do you know that have that far of a reach or an impact?

What is happening to Coach Madec is wrong. He is the most successful coach in program, school, and state history. I would bet even in the nation he up there in terms of success. I know of various coaches that speak highly of Coach. So, in my eyes, how the school has treated him has been absolutely disgusting. For a man who has dedicated his life to the school and to his players, to see the way that he has been treated has been embarrassing. When I heard the various stories on the radio, read them in the papers, and personally sat in his court hearing, I was filled with disdain for the school and faculty that is putting him and his family through this. As a servant of the school and as a mentor to hundreds of players, Coach Madec has been a model employee, coach, and citizen. For him to be treated how he has been is outrageous. If he is removed from the from the program or blackballed any further, I will have no further connection to the school. I urge you to reconsider your actions.

Rob Cameron

To whom this may concern,

My name is Rob Cameron, I am the former Deputy Commissioner to the Juvenile Parole Board, I have served the State of California under two Governors. During my final appointment, my son Aaron Cameron attended Fresno City College as a transfer student from a four year University and played for Coach Ed Madec during the 2015- 2016 season.

My wife and I never worried about basketball as much as we use to worry about our sons focus and his academics, we knew he needed structure and a program where he would be held accountable. After our initial meeting with Ed Madec we knew that our son would be in a safe environment, one in which the values mirrored those at home. In short, we knew there would be structure and that our son would be expected to work hard and held accountable and graduate. All boxes for us were checked.

Watching our son blossom under Ed Madec was truly remarkable, we literally watched our son grow up and become a man. As a hearing officer I have performed roughly 5,000 plus juvenile parole and revocation hearings. Much of the history in the files of those young men was dysfunctional and without structure. I often thought that if you could bottle up what Coach Madec’ s program was doing at Fresno City College; we just might be able to reduce some of juvenile delinquency today.

With that being said, I do not think people understand what Ed Madec has done for the many young men that have come through The Fresno City Basketball Program . These young men have developed a sense of community, duty, responsibility, integrity, and a willingness to hold each other accountable. There was no such thing as a free ride. For those that stick it out these young men earned everything they got.

As much as it was hard, it was equally rewarding . Watching the boys compete at a high level over the years, the blueprint seemed the same. Hard work in all things and a high degree of expectations and accountability. Out of this type of environment comes a well-rounded young man. The boys call it the brotherhood and it is not just a cliche, its real, I have seen it and the relationships that have been created are lifelong .

I wish all boys could have an opportunity to play for a coach like Ed Madec, he has done nothing but help kids get college degrees and scholarships. He does not just talk about it, the record of the program during his tenure and the successful young men that have come through that program should speak for itself. He is without a doubt one of the most honorable men I know.

Richard Robertson

To whom it may concern:

My name is Richard Robertson and I am an Physical Education teacher in Modesto and have served as an athletic director and coach for most of my 30 years in education. I have had the privilege of knowing Ed Madec for almost 15 years. I was introduced to Coach Madec through a friend who was working as an assistant on his staff at Fresno City.

I have spent my entire career beginning with my collegiate years, studying and seeking guidance from successful and well respected teachers and coaches. I have had the honor of meeting and learning from individuals including the legendary University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach Pat Summit, University of Utah men’s basketball coach Rick Majerus, world renowned educational researcher and author Robert J. Marzano, as well as dozens of other esteemed individuals. These tremendously successful people all preferred and demanded to be recognized as teachers, whether their career path included athletics or traditional educational pursuits. I hold Coach Ed Madec in the same regard as these outstanding individuals.

The relationship I have developed with Ed Madec has evolved throughout many years. I have observed, analyzed, and evaluated his style of leadership, teaching, and coaching and mentoring young men. I have benefitted from the opportunity to witness Ed’s daily interactions with his student athletes including on and off season practices, pre and post game addresses to players and parents, and individual workout and skill development sessions. In addition I have personally witnessed Ed demanding academic, personal, and social responsibility from his student athletes. I have observed Ed crying and counseling young men suffering from personal tragedy related to loss of family members. I have also witnessed on dozens of occasions Ed chastising and scolding these very same young men for failing to consistently live up to the incredibly high standards he models and demands from them.

The more time I spent supporting and learning about Ed, his program, his players, and his teams, the more interested I became in his approach to his career and the development of these young men. Ed was eager and willing to get to know me and spend time with me discussing educational and athletic philosophies, as well as personal thoughts and emotions. I believed he was curious and humbled by my support and loyalty to his program. He was intrigued because I did not have a son in his program and my interest was based upon my respect for him and his student athletes.

I have spent the last 26 years of my career in education teaching in Modesto, Ca. My permanent home is in the Shaver Lake area in the mountains east of Fresno. Due to the location of my teaching responsibilities and my love of my home in Shaver Lake I travel up and down the central valley. This has afforded me the ability to attend hundreds of Fresno City College men’s basketball games both home and away and provided me with the same number of conversations with Ed. Our discussions ranged from analysis of that night’s game to personal issues involving our families. I have introduced Ed to numerous friends and their children and he always demonstrates positivity and kindness.

Ed has been a mentor and example to me and hundreds of others in education. He welcomes observers into the most intense and usually hard to view team activities. He has a willingness and desire to share and learn from others. Throughout all of this Ed exudes an infectious humility despite his immense success and notoriety.

During the nearly 15 years I have been around Ed and his program I have met hundreds of the young men who have played for Ed. Every student athlete I was ever introduced to, greeted me with a firm handshake, looked me in the eyes, called me sir, and expressed their gratitude for my support at the games and for the program. As an educator who has worked with thousands upon thousands of students, I know how rare these character traits are among young people. Their behavior is a clear reflection of Ed’s influence upon these young people.

Ed Madec is an educator and mentor of young men first, and a basketball coach second. He has expressed to me countless times how much he cares about these young men and that his primary responsibility and goal is to provide the guidance needed to help them transition from adolescence into successful young men.

I am honored to count Coach Ed Madec as a close friend and mentor. I believe he has provided Fresno City College, as well as all of the students and athletes with whom he as worked, a level of professionalism and dedication unmatched by anyone I have ever known. It is my hope that my thoughts and experiences expressed in this letter will provide a positive perspective on Ed and his career.

I am proud to share my thoughts and would eagerly accept any opportunity to speak or appear on behalf of Ed Madec.

Drew Torres

To Whom it may concern:

My name is Drew Torres and I have been teaching PE and coaching high school basketball for 18 years. I am currently on staff in our PE department at Freedom HS in Oakley, CA. I am writing this letter on behalf of Ed Madec. I have known Ed since 1999 when I was a member of the Chico State Men’s Basketball team and he was a grad assistant coach.

During that year, I was going through one of the toughest times of my life. I was on the verge of quitting when I had a conversation with Ed. He gave me the passion and inspiration to continue and finish the season. Without him, I would have quit and would have regretted it for the rest of my life. With the belief he showed in me, I was able to improve my play to the best of my ability. I became my best self. And, in the process I was able to win the award for Most Inspirational Player at our end of season awards team banquet.

As my basketball career was ending, I became lost again with what to do after college. So, I once again turned to Ed for guidance and advice. He encouraged me to switch my major to become a PE teacher and coach. I trusted him so I took his advice even though I never wanted to become a teacher or coach. However, it proved to be a great decision as 21 years later, I am still in the teaching and coaching professions.

Right after I graduated college, I got a job as a PE teacher and basketball coach at Antioch high school. After one year as frosh coach, I was hired as varsity coach at the age of 25. With only one year of coaching experience and lacking confidence in myself, I once again turned to Ed for guidance. He took me under his wing and mentored me and he once again showed belief in me even though I lacked experience. I drove out to Fresno many times throughout the years to learn from him and be around his program. I modeled my own program after his at Fresno City. His mentorship and confidence in me helped me become a successful High school varsity basketball coach.

Throughout the years, I learned something valuable from my experiences with Ed. I learned that one of the best things you can do for someone else is to believe in them and to be with them in their darkest days. I try to do that myself with the numerous students that I have mentored throughout my career.

In closing, based on my relationship with Ed, I am honored to be able to show my support to him during this time. I would not be where I am today without his guidance, inspiration, and mentorship. I am filled with gratitude for my relationship with Ed Madec and there is no one else I would rather have in a foxhole than him.

Remy McCarthy

To Whom It May Concern

I I have known Ed Madec intimately for 30 years. Ed was a student athlete on the men’s basketball team at Oxnard College from 1991-93 when I was the head coach. The day that Ed stepped into my life I became a better person. He does that to everyone. His love of life and his compassion for others has a contagious effect that our country needs now more than ever. Ed is genuine. He tells you what’s on his mind, something that many are not prepared for or like. It is never done with malice. If it is critical, he’ll explain that the assessment is done to help, not hinder, you as a person. Ed has spent his whole life helping others.

I’ve been coaching college basketball since 1980. The majority that time in the California Community College system. When a student athlete comes to a California Community College it is a means to an end. A chance to continue their education as a student athlete. Our job is to facilitate and mentor those young people so those goals can be achieved. In my 40 years of coaching I have never come across anyone to put more time, effort and passion to help these young people achieve their goals more than Ed. He is the epitome of an educator at the community college level.

Our profession needs more people like Ed, not less. It is with great pride and that I am able to say he is one of my former players. If I have had the slightest influence on how Ed has turned out as a husband, father and man then there is no greater achievement I’ve ever had.

Patrick Rose

I first met Coach Madec in 2002 at College of the Siskiyous. Coach Madec had an immediate impact on my life. He took me in and accepted my dream to play college basketball. He went above and beyond as coach and simply as a human, to make sure I was in class ready to learn first. He understood the importance with leaving from College of the Siskiyous educated and to make an impact in the world. His second concern was that I played basketball to his standard. He pushed us as a team in the classroom and on the court. There were players who had essentially been abandoned by their families, and Coach Madec bonded us all together as one. When the school didn’t provide adequate assistance to myself and other players in need, Coach Madec was there offering a dinner, or even simply some fruit so none of us would go hungry. In 2002-2003he united 12 players together from all walks of life, cultures, and races. He made that college a more unified place than anyone else on that campus. Any institution that has a coach that makes their players better all-around should be praised and no condemned. Coach Madec is the reason I am successful in the Air Guard, married and adopted four children. He has done more for me than I could ever repay.

Nick Hilton

To Whom It May Concern,

Coach Madec has been the most important man in my life to this day. I grew up in a single-parent household. I grew up without having that man-to-man interaction or any real kind of father-son bond. Coach Madec immediately filled that void in my life when I first met him as an 18-year-old boy. He helped me and countless others to develop into young men to eventually be productive members of society. He mentored me. He not just told, but also showed me how to be self-sufficient as it was time to transition into adulthood. He taught me important life skills such as how to budget money, how to plan your day, how to be a “giver” and not a “taker”, and how to make meaningful relationships with people, among plenty of other things. These all sound pretty self-explanatory to us now since we are all adults, but I know for a fact that some of my former teammates and I would not have some of these basic life skills if not for Coach Madec helping us out. Another thing he did for me was that he gave me a chance to go get a college degree that I might not have gotten if not for him. He taught met the importance of getting a degree and all of the future opportunities that it can lead to. Growing up in a single-parent household, financial issues can be a common thing. This meant that it would have been very difficult for me to go to a university and get buried in debt. But after my two years of playing for Coach Madec, I finally received a scholarship offer to go to a university and earn my degree with zero debt. That would not be possible without Coach Madec. I could write pages and pages about everything that Coach Madec did for me in terms of basketball and everything I learned, but the basketball comes nowhere close to the importance of what he taught me off the court and in life so that I could develop into a man. Because of Coach Madec, I now have a college degree, zero debt, a job that I’m passionate about, basic life skills that I would not have learned without him, and lots of meaningful relationships because that matters. I am extremely grateful for Coach Madec and everything he has done for me.

Junior Morgan

To whom it may concern,

After hearing about this shocking news on how Fresno City College has mistreated the Ed Madec situation, I felt I needed to write some words of support for coach Madec. I believe my time at Fresno City was the best 2 years of my life. However looking back, it wasn’t the school that made these memories for me it was Coach Ed Madec. The way he brought in, mentored, and connected with the young men from all different backgrounds was and still is, unlike any person in this world. His big emphasis was not only holding our teammates accountable, but ourselves accountable. This, obviously, is a life lesson a young man needs to learn to be a functioning citizen in this country.

Along with holding everyone accountable, he showed us the correct way to conduct our life in the classroom. Not only did I get a scholarship, but all of my teammates did too. I don’t believe Fresno City College got me a scholarship, I believe Coach Madec did. He was the one who was there to help with questions, help with who to talk to with class issues, give advice on class schedules, and push us to apply ourselves and do our best in the classroom. If I didn’t have Madec, I would’ve spent all my time with a counselor, who doesn’t have my best interest at heart and wouldn’t have been able to transfer to a four year university in two years.

Outside of basketball, and off campus, Coach Madec represents Fresno City with the utmost pride, respect, and integrity. Everyone in the surrounding community loves coach Madec, and those who don’t are just tired of losing to the man. There’s no reason to dislike Coach Madec, as he practices what he preaches, servant leadership. He even has his players meet his family and treats the players like family. Being around his family, and watching coach interact with his kids and wife, showed us young men how a man needs to treat his family. This is especially important for young men who come from broken homes or absent father figures. We were able to see how a family man really works.

After graduating Fresno City in 2013, Coach Madec is still in my life today, and would be there with anything I may need. There aren’t many coaches that can reflect the university they coach for, the RIGHT way, be extremely successful, as well as impact so many lives. Fresno City College is lucky to have Ed Madec and have tarnished the FCC name with how they’ve treated Coach Madec.

Michael Marcial

My name is Michael Marcial and I grew up in the Fresno area most of my life. Not only am I native of this great city, I am a Mexican-American male whose grandparents immigrated to this country in hopes that they could give their succeeding generations better opportunities in life. I graduated from Clovis High School and was fortunate enough to play basketball at Fresno City College from 2006-2008 while attaining my Associates of Arts degree in General Studies. While a student-athlete at Fresno City College, I helped guide our team to a California Community College Athletic Association State Championship in 2007 and was awarded State Tournament Most Valuable Player. I was also recognized by the athletic department as a Torch of Excellence Award winner during my sophomore year. Once I reached the end of my eligibility at Fresno City, I was able to sign an NCAA Division I scholarship to California State University, Sacramento, and achieved my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. I proceeded to earn my Master of Arts degree from Fresno Pacific University in 2012. Currently, I am the Head Men’s Basketball Coach at College of San Mateo and full-time kinesiology tenure tracked instructor. I owe every single collegiate and professional opportunity and accomplishment to Ed Madec.

When college students reflect upon the institutions they attended, they do not think of the facilities; they think of their professors and anyone who had a positive impact on their academic journey. As a former student-athlete I think of my head coach, Ed Madec, when reflecting on my academic career. From the moment I stepped onto campus at Fresno City and up until this very day, Madec has mentored and given me an opportunity to become the person and professional I am today. His support has carried onto all achievements of my life. In the beginning of my basketball career, Madec was the only coach who recruited me to play basketball at the community college level. I was then able to sign a scholarship with Sacramento State due to his relationship with the head coach, and he later wrote the recommendation letter for my graduate program at Fresno Pacific. When I was looking to further my professional goals, he made sure to endorse me to numerous coaches in the basketball community. Madec wrote the recommendation letter to the College of San Mateo while I applied for the full-time head men’s basketball position, where I ultimately began a basketball program of my own. Prior to being offered the position, Madec took the time to help me prepare for my interview and discuss the position. As I attempt to navigate my way as a kinesiology instructor, men’s basketball coach, and a better man, Madec continues to be one of the most influential men in my life. I owe every single collegiate and professional opportunity and accomplishment, to Ed Madec.

I urge this administration to understand the importance one person can have on an individual, and furthermore, a community. Ed Madec has not only given me an opportunity to live my own American dream, he has also given countless other students and student-athletes the same opportunity during his 14- year tenure at Fresno City College. During his tenure at Fresno City College, Coach Madec has continued to give opportunities to a wide population of students to help them reach their lifelong goals; especially individuals of color, like me. I cannot say enough great things about this man and his impact on my life and the lives of those in this community. I owe every single collegiate and professional opportunity and accomplishment, to Ed Madec.

Kyle McKim

To whom it may concern,

My name is Kyle McKim, and I have been a basketball coach at Beyer High School for the past 11 years with 6 of serving as varsity head coach. During my first year as a coach I had the pleasure of meeting Ed Madec. Over the past 11 years, I’ve gotten to get to know coach Madec and his program extremely well. In my opinion he is one of the greatest people I have ever met in the coaching profession.

Coach Madec is one of the most genuine, caring, giving people I have ever met in my entire life. As a young up and coming coach just learning what I was doing, coach Madec was always there to offer advice, guidance and encouragement. He offered me these things with no expectation of anything in return. I was only a JV coach at the time of our first meetings, but coach Madec still took the time to help teach and guide me along my coaching path. He has personally taught me so much about how to be a great coach that goes well beyond the game of basketball. Coach has taught me about the importance of servant leadership and creating a culture built on family and loyalty. His mark is all over our program at Beyer High School.

Not only has coach Madec done a tremendous amount for myself, but he’s also helped my former players that have gone on to play for him. One example is Georgie Dancer. Georgie had a D1 scholarship coming out of high school, but tore his ACL his senior year and was later released from his scholarship. Georgie could barely even run at the time, but coach Madec brought him into the Fresno City basketball program anyways, not knowing if Georgie would ever recover physically. Coach Madec built Georgie back up over the next two years, and Georgie was able to achieve: a full scholarship to Colorado Mesa University, win the league MVP his sophomore year, and earn his AA degree. This would not have been possible without Coach Madec.

I have personally witnessed how well coach Madec runs his program over the years. I have been to countless practices, clinics, and games. What has always stood out the most to me is how much Coach Madec genuinely cares about his players. He teaches them about life through the game of basketball, and molds them into outstanding citizens. It is also clear how much his players care about him. The “brotherhood” and family bond that is created at Fresno City under coach Madec is something these young men take pride in for their entire life. This is what makes coach Madec a great coach. The winning is great, but the lives he touches and changes is his greatest accomplishment.

I can honestly say I would not be the person or coach I am today without coach Madec being a part of my life. He has taught me so much about how to use the game of basketball to change lives. You will not find a greater person to lead a program than him.

Keshawn Bruner

To whom it may concern:

My name is Keshawn Bruner and I am a former Fresno City College student athlete. I am respectfully writing to address my concerns with the ongoing investigation of Coach Ed Madec and to appeal the decision that was made.

Coach Madec was committed to the core values of Fresno City College: growth, leadership, and success. He respected diversity, promoted quality, and created a safe and supportive environment for all his players as well as students. He taught us these core values by leading through example. Not only has Coach Madec demonstrated the core values that Fresno City College holds highly, but he has cared for each of his players like his own. Coach Madec made sure that the basic needs of all his players were met. Without these basic needs, a student can not focus on their education. This goes into Fresno City College Code of Ethic: Integrity, the school states that they support excellence in learning and will act in the college’s best interest to provide education. Fresno City College is grateful to have a faculty member like Coach Ed Madec that actually holds and practices all of Fresno City College core values and ethics statements.

I believe that Coach Ed Madec should not be punished for his actions since he was always looking out for the students and schools best interest, as anyone should. As a faculty member, he has held every standard and abided each rule for the students best interest. Fresno City College needs more faculty members like Coach Ed Madec.

Tying back to Fresno City College Mission, Vision, Core Values and Ethics Statement, I believe Dr. Carole Goldsmith, Fresno City College President, should be held accountable for not upholding the code of ethics. I believe she has not been fair with her decisions and has failed at creating an effort to be an ethical college community. I also believe that Dr. Carole Goldsmith has also demonstrated treating people of color with an exploitative matter. If these statements are so held highly by Fresno City College, why is the President of the college refusing to practice these statements? As the face of the school, the President of the college should hold these statements to the highest standards.

Jose Mendoza

To whom it may concern,

The definition of a coach according to Webster Dictionary is as follows,

“2 [from the concept that the tutor conveys the student through examinations] a: a private tutor hired a coach to help her daughter prepare for the test b: one who instructs or trains an acting coach a birth coach especially: one who instructs players in the fundamentals of a sport and directs team strategy.”

So, in today age how do we treat someone who goes beyond the scope of being a “coach.” Someone who created a Program, Community, Culture of self-ˇ worth and respect among the JC Nation. I can honestly say Coach Madec took in my son and showed him things that I try to instill in all the Student/Athletes that I have Coached.(30 years of San Diego County HS Football). It Takes a man with special knowledge, Energy and integrity to build a Program, Community, Culture. There is no book or guide on how to build a Program-ˇCommunity-ˇCulture only the test of time, helps create a Man’s vision and Dream. So why take that away, in today’s time, I ask again why?

Without getting long winded and too many details, I want to leave you with some “food for thought,” When sitting in the bleacher as a fan, parent, or opposing team member, you can see, the “look” in the players eyes and body language ooze out “The Brotherhood” Culture that Coach Madec has created. I take these lesson far above the fact that he also helped my son receive a full scholarship to Southern Mississippi. I ask you not to look at the wins or loses but look at the bond this Man/Coach has forged with his Players and Community and please do not look back at this moment and say we made a mistake. It takes courage and wisdom to do the right thing, so I say Let the Man/Coach finish out his dream and just Coach. I am proud to say we were and still a part of the RAM Family! GO RAMS! God Bless.

John Jordan

To Whom it may concern,

My son Thomas Jordan had the privilege of being a part of the FCC basketball family from 2010 to 2013. The FCC basketball program revolved around the principles of brotherhood, accountability, and hard work. The life lessons Thomas learned and the friends that he made during his 3 years at FCC were instrumental in his journey to adulthood.

Thomas’s life experience was not typical of a lot of his teammates, Thomas was lucky enough to come from a two-parent family, both college graduates, etc. The great majority of Thomas’s teammates were not so fortunate. For many FCC basketball players, Coach Madec was not only their coach, but in many ways was also a surrogate parent.

Coach Madec helped instill a level of maturity, brotherhood and accountability that made it possible for these young men to succeed at Fresno City College. Coach Madec also worked tireless to ensure that once their careers at FCC were over, his players received full athletic scholarships to four-year universities.

On a side note I was a high school varsity head basketball coach for 25 years, so I know a little about what a quality basketball program looks like. Over the years I have become friends with 100’s of coaches, and I can unequivocally state that Coach Madec is exactly the type of man we need working with today’s youth.

Any young man who was lucky enough to be a part of Coach Madec’s basketball program is a better person because of it. For his entire coaching career Coach Madec has helped young men overcome obstacles in their lives, that they did not think they could overcome. Thank God for people such as Coach Madec.

Had it not been for Coach Madec becoming a part of these young men’s lives, a lot of them would have fallen through the cracks. With Coach Madec’s help these young men are now positively contributing to society. The greatest gift a person can give to someone else is to help them reach their true potential, that is what Coach Madec has done year, after year, after year.

Servant leadership is the term that best describes Coach Madec. Coach Madec’s burning desire to help others live up to their potential, regardless of where they came from, regardless of their ethnicity/racial makeup, etc. is unmatched by any coach I know.

I thank God that my son Thomas was a part of the FCC basketball brotherhood and that he was fortunate enough to be mentored by a man such as Coach Madec.

Jaydan Bray-Williams

I played for Coach Madec during the 2019-2020 season. Madec is a great coach, but he was an even better mentor to myself and the team. When I first arrived at Fresno City I thought I knew what hard work, commitment, and loyalty was but Later on I found out I was wrong. Coach Madec showed me and my brothers what all of those words really mean. It formed a brotherhood. a bond that could never be broken. He showed us what it truly mean to be a man, how to provide for your family and loved one’s. He’s always encouraged us to achieve on the court, and in the classroom. The goal in the end is to go to a four year school, on a full athletic scholarship, and get our degrees. My family and myself are truly thankful for Coach Madec.

Henrick Foster

To whom it may concern

The purpose of this email to offer a character witness statement for Mr. Edward Madec. I came to know Coach Madec when I was a teenager pursing a better life for myself and my family. I was a vulnerable black male teenager living in the Bronx NY, one of the poorest cities in the US. Coach Madec took me under his wing and really provided me the structure, discipline and support I needed to gain scholarships to attend the College of Siskiyous and well as pursue a professional basketball career in California. Prior to meeting him, I was on the verge of going to prison. After meeting him, the track for my life totally changed for the better. Coach Madec has shown me nothing less than love and encouragement and helped me set great goals for myself. His intervention in my literally saved my life. Because of him, I get to live the American dream as a college educated, employed Black man. He showed me love like a father would a son. Because of him, although I lacked a relationship with my father, I’m still able to be a great father to my own children. Never once have I felt that race or ethnicity was a factor in our relationship. Coach Madec has blessed my life as well as many other young minority men just like me.

Brandon Hellstrom

This letter is regarding Ed Madec, men’s basketball coach at Fresno City Community College. Ed has been an outstanding mentor, friend, coach, and teacher to all of our players and me since I met him in 2006. He has been incredibly gracious with his time talking with our players about ideals like hard work, high moral standards, determination, and handling adversity. He has always been very willing to let us into the gym and watch practices and into the weight room to observe workouts. Those activities were initiated either by myself, our players or by Coach Madec or his staff. Besides those opportunities to learn from Coach Madec, we were invited multiple times to his coaching clinics and spring, summer, and fall leagues and camps. These did an outstanding job of showing the high level of professionalism, high level of organization, and a high level of care that he puts into his players and program.

When our staff was at Beyer high school in Modesto, California, and since I have moved to Sherwood, Oregon, we were never contacted by anyone from Fresno city community college other than Ed Madec about the possibility of enrolling at the school. In addition, no one from the school contacted us about any programs that supported enrollment or applying FCC for our players or other students other than Coach Ed Madec. Coach Madec is one of FCC’s most significant supporters that we had personal contact with during my coaching (2002-ˇpresent).

In closing, Ed Madec is one of the most committed individuals in teaching, mentoring, and coaching young people that I’ve encountered in the basketball industry. He cares for his players and his staff, his community, and the game of basketball. I fully support Coach Madec and his ability to teach, coach, and mentor any player that fits a Fresno City College player’s ideals. Furthermore, we encourage players who want to get to the next level in their academic and basketball career to play under Coach Ed Madec leadership.

Lorrie Rivera








Elijah Gallegos

During my two years at Fresno City, Coach Madec has helped me become not only a better

Basketball player but a better person overall. The life lessons he has taught me and the rest of the

team is something that I will carry for the rest of my life. It is ridiculous that the administration

staff at Fresno City would try to take down Coach Madec when all he has done was make the

community a better place and impact the lives of numerous young men who have come through

the program. The administration staff at Fresno City never showed any support for our team and

has attempted to destroy many athletes lives. The acts against Coach Madec and Fresno City

Basketball are acts of hatred and discrimination against a positive influence. Overall Coach

Madec has had positive impact on my life and many others and does not deserve to be punished.

Dolores Dancer

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Dolores Dancer. My son, Georgie Dancer was a student at Fresno City College and

played basketball for Coach Ed Madec from 2017-°©‐2019.

Georgie had on outstanding basketball season at Beyer High School and received a full ride

basketball scholarship to Sacramento State. Unfortunately, Georgie tore his ACL the middle of

his senior year and had to have ACL repair. He attended one year at Sacramento State as a red

shirt but felt he was not a good fit after his injury. With a lot of grit and determination he

rehabbed stronger than ever. This is where Coach Madec came in the picture and Georgie

decided to go to Fresno City to continue his education and play basketball.

As for his Mother and biggest supporter, it was scary for me. How was I going to be able to

afford paying for Georgie’s rent, food, car payment, etc.? My sons education was most

important to me and I was determined not to have him be another statistic and fall into the

streets like must young men his age do. So with the help of my parents, my grandfather, a lot of

overtime and double shifts, we made it happen.

Coach Madec was aware Georgie had a rough go of it. Georgie’s dad has been in and out of

prison for most of his life. He lost his cousin at age 16, who was his best friend, to a tragic car

accident. So as you can see, Coach Madec was also determined to make sure ALL these young

men don’t become another statistic and fall victims to the streets.

With the perseverance and guidance of Coach Madec he thrived. Coach Madec always

encouraged and pushed these young men to be the best that they could be. He became more

than just a Coach, he became a counselor, father figure, and a mentor. With the work ethic he

has installed in these young men, many of them have received degrees and full ride basketball

scholarships, my son included.

Georgie is a senior this year at Colorado Mesa University and I attribute so much of his

accomplishments to Coach Madec. I hold him in the highest regards and have the utmost

respect and admiration for him.

Demetrius Steward

To whom it may concern:

This is a letter of character for Coach Ed Madec. I have known Coach Madec for

over 20 years; as a coach, mentor, first and foremost, a friend. He is a humerous,

strong, responsible, and very loving father, husband, and coach. Coach Madec

exemplifies what young aspiring coaches, and student athletes should be about.

Having a commitment to excellence, understanding the process, and be willing to

accept the process it takes to be not only a championship winning coach, but a

champion as a citizen in society . A major strength of Ed is his unique ability to get

along with all student athletes from different ethnicities. He is very current with the

student athletes interests and relates very well with them. This is a special ability

because trust, in your coaches, and the team are mandatory in order to create a

championship pedigree. To be able to talk to a trusted professional is priceless.

That is the beauty of sports, it has no boundaries. The championship culture that

coach Ed madec has created is priceless. His never quit hard working attitude is

infectious to these young men. The character traits he has instilled in these young

men will transcend into the workforce, their families, and communities. His focus,

heart, and work ethic are second to none, I admire Coach Madec for his

determination, and dedication to his family, and players. We need more teachers

like Coach Madec to leave a positive mark in the coaching profession.

Coaching requires patience, guidance, and teaching student athletes to deal with

tough life lessons. Today’s student athletes have to be able to compete, and work

hard in order to reach their dream of getting a scholarship to a 4 year university.

Many of these student athletes use these scholarships to finance their way through

school. Over the years Coach Madec has sent numerous student athletes to 4 year

Universities across the country. His athletes succeed because of the values they

learned while playing in his basketball program at Fresno City community college.

I would definitely love to coach with Ed Madec, or work with Coach Madec as

a fellow employee. He is reliable team member and can be trusted, with a high level

of responsibility. I want to wish Coach Madec the best of luck in his future


Del Beshore

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in support of the body of work accomplished by Fresno City College

Men’s Basketball Coach, Ed Madec. As an avid basketball fan and supporter of the Fresno City

Men’s Basketball program over the past 40 plus years, I have witnessed the program reach

unprecedented heights in the tenure lead by Coach Madec. And I am not merely referring to

the on-the-court wins and losses.

In my experiences as a former basketball player and coach at each of the professional,

collegiate, and high school levels, I have valued coaching leadership that excels in the total

development of young men. Particularly in high school and college, coaching that nurtures and

develops the maturity, morality, responsibility, cooperation, education, as well as the skills to

be successful in sport and life, is rare. As a role model and leader, Coach Madec enhanced all of

those attributes in the young men he coached, mentored, and matriculated. Coach Madec’s

record for graduating his players and assisting in the continuation of completing higher

education through athletic scholarship acquisition for his players is unparalleled nationally. His

disciplined and caring leadership has transformed countess adolescents into humble,

responsible, productive, more educated, and grateful young men. This is the pinnacle of what

education is all about and any institutional leadership should be very supportive and proud of

these types of accomplishments. In observing the handling of the recent inquiries into the

Men’s Basketball program, it is not apparent Fresno City College is as supportive.

I have had the opportunity to observe the dynamics, all firsthand, of the multiple waves of 2

and 3 year athletes that have been a part of the brotherhood of Coach Madec’s program. In

recent years I have volunteered in the role of Color Commentary for the television broadcasts

covering both Men’s and Women’s basketball games. In addition to the game broadcasts, I

have frequented many practices and off-season workouts. I came to personally know Coach

Madec and many, if not all, of the players and Assistant Coaches through the years. Like many

of the athletic programs historically at Fresno City College, student athletes have benefited

from the long tenures of many excellent coaches. Coach Madec’s tenure is no exception.

Unfortunately, the tenure of Athletic Directors and Presidents have not been as long standing.

This revolving door of upper level leadership above the coaching ranks is concerning. While I

have witnessed and become acquainted with many of the fine Athletic Directors at Fresno City

College, I have often wondered why the institution was not able to retain those individuals over

the longer term.

In reflection of the recent handling of the investigations and inquiries into allegations within the

Men’s Basketball program, it was troubling to witness the timing and actions of Fresno City

College in addressing the concerns and process. As close as I have been to the program, I did

not witness any of the allegations investigated by the administration. That is not to say that all,

none, or some of it may or may not have happened. What I do know, is that all of the time

spent and all of the efforts and actions of Coach Madec were, foremost, intended in the best

interest of his student athletes.

In sport, during the course of every game, contests are constant instances of “things that go

wrong” and making the collaborative adjustments to “fix it” for the betterment of those whom

you are leading. Coach Madec’s actions in coaching always exemplified this attribute. In times

of political and national unrest and polarization, the timing and actions of Fresno City College

did not appear to exhibit willingness to collaboratively work out any corrective plan. Effective

communication may have been a factor. There was no apparent demonstration of willingness

to work through a processes of restorative justice (if needed), in house. The process publicly

appeared as professionally polarizing and vindictive.

Regardless of the final outcome of the infractions levied on the part of the California

Community College Athletic Association, it will be sad commentary if Fresno City College does

not act in the best interests of the student athletes they serve. Coach Madec has always had

the best interests of his student athletes in focus and as a top priority. Fresno City College

needs to do the same.

Daniel Rico

Coach Madec is the best coach I have ever played for. His on the court resume speaks for itself.

The worst part about all of this is that the administration of FCC college is tearing down and

Great man who actually, genuinely cares for his players and students. Throughout the whole

investigation, we players were being harassed and never once felt the support of the college.

Having to balance a winning season, school, personal lives, and an investigation was tough on all

of us but we knew that our leader had our backs. Coach madec turned kids into men. He’s a

tough coach but when everything is over and done with outside those lines of the court, he is a

man who constantly asks how we are doing, how our families are, and if there is anything that

we need help with or anything we need to talk about. Never once did any of the admin at FCC

ask me this question. I played for madec during the 2018 season and red shirted the 2019 because

of a knee injury that took a giant toll on my mental health. Nobody was more caring than coach

madec. I found out later that he stayed with my family throughout the whole procedure in the

hospital until I was awake. He constantly asked how I was doing with rehab and encouraged me

that I would get better. As a player, I never felt support from anyone else than I did from Ed

Madec. You could feel how the very own college you represent on your jersey did not support

you. All of this didn’t matter because we had our brotherhood. What this investigation is doing to

an all time great coach and Man is preposterous. Ed Madec is a man who cared more about his

players and students than the very own college administration did.

Jeff Young

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Ed Madec for many years. Most of those years have been from afar, and professionally. However, in 2018 Ed asked me to be a member of his coaching staff at Fresno City College. I had been out of coaching for a year, and not missing it at all, but when Ed came calling, I was quick to answer yes and revitalized to the profession once again. What Ed offered was more than an opportunity to coach again, he offered me (unknown to me) a part of something that I never expected and an education in all things associated with being a coach to young men that I had not seen in my 28 years as a basketball coach.

Winning is important to every great coach that has chosen this profession. While many of the great coaches talk about “winning games”, most just work hard and teach the game and the wins come without much needed to be said. While Ed is an extremely competitive coach that despises losing, he never made teaching the game of basketball about wins (in which he tallied many) and losses. His motivation was to develop men to be winners in life. As the honors and championships and records rolled in for the Fresno City Rams, Ed’s greatest success was always the players that moved on to become college graduates, successes in their chosen careers, and great husbands and fathers. You see, I got to witness, in a year and a half, Coach Ed Madec be responsible for taking care of boys, educating them on how to live right, and holding them accountable when no one else was willing to give these guys a chance. Especially Fresno City College!

The lack of support that the basketball program received from the institution itself was embarrassing. What I was fortunate to witness in my time with the basketball program was something that only one word can be used to describe it: Pride, and the College did not get this at all. What Ed understood is that if you want to get something done you had to work hard and earn everything you get. All Fresno City College had to do was support this quality that is a strong character trait in life. What I saw, was no support and no sense of pride from FCC at all. We live in a society where all too many times people want to be great for doing nothing, and people expect things without earning it, and entitlement has become acceptable. Not in an Ed Madec’s Fresno City Program. He had expectations and taught these young men how to b a part of something special that they can carry on for life.

Ed made sure that his players were in the right classes and on a path to the next level. Every player that played for him received a scholarship to continue at a 4-year university. That means they did not have the burden of paying for school upon leaving FCC. It was not a Fresno City College administrator that spent his/her time reaching out to these universities/programs, it was Ed Madec that gave these boys that opportunity through countless hours of phone calls and developing of relationships like no one else could have done. It is because of the tireless work that Ed puts into these boys that they, in return, play like champions and act like men.

Ed Madec is a man of strong character and an educator of young men. He is, exactly, what our profession needs. I have been a teacher/coach for 29 years now, and I have never encountered a better individual for educating students on the game of basketball and more importantly, life. The problem with educational institutions is that they miss the efforts of the people that do great work on their campuses. In the case of Fresno City College, they have completely missed on what Ed has done. The loyalty that he showed to all the students that passed through his program far surpass the loyalty that was returned to him by the school. However, his players will be quick to mention that he is the reason they are where they are today, he is the reason they have accomplished great things, he is the reason they have earned success not Fresno City College administrators. From what I was fortunate enough to witness those players are right.

I am happy to expand on Ed Madec and his effect on those that play and work for him. Please give me a call for further insight.

Duncan Schramm


I just want to give my unique perspective and experience with Fresno City Head Basketball Coach Ed Madoc.

My name is Duncan Schramm and I played basketball at Bakersfield College in 2012 and 2013.

Anyone who knows Southern California Junior College Basketball, knows that Fresno City is a team that is dominant because of toughness and discipline. You see them on your schedule and you know you better be ready.

My freshmen year we played Fresno City multiple times. They are a team that brings out your A-game or you lose by 30 because they break your will with relentless effort.

I was fortunate to play some of my best games/basketball and show my scrappiness and toughness. While we still lost, I could tell shaking the players hands that they respected my effort. Shaking Ed’s hand he gave me praise like I was one of his own and he respected the grit and style I played with.

Fast forward to the end of my sophomore year, I had no offers and no prospects. My own coach wasn’t helping me get recruited and wouldn’t give me my tape to send to coaches. I felt helpless, I felt scared, I felt trapped. I reached out to other coaches in my conference for film and was able to get a tape from my best game against Glendale Community College because my uncle knew the coach.

I sent that tape to Ed, and told him I needed his help. It was a hail mary and I was terrified my playing career was over. Ed without question jumped to my aid and made me feel like I was his player. Ed is/was so great. Writing this letter and reliving my experience brings tears to my eyes and I feel so much gratitude towards him. Ed had my back in a way that no other coach ever had. He had me drive up to meet him in person, talk hoops/recruiting, and gave me constant phone call updates. It wasn’t just talk. Within days I had coaches calling me and eventually I accepted a full ride offer.

Without Ed Madoc I would not have received the opportunity to continue my dream of playing basketball and getting my education paid for.

I had the opportunity at my next college to play with Danny Lopez, a 6’10 275 lb center who had played for Ed previously. Danny raved about the culture that Ed created and maintained. A culture led by Ed, that pushes players to be their best. Where he gets the most out his players by teaching technique, toughness and discipline. It showed on the court and created fear and respect.

It is clear from my experience and conversations with Danny Lopez that Ed Madec will run through a brick wall for you.

I owe so much to Ed and will never forget what he did for me.

Losing Ed Madec would negatively impact so many potential athletes opportunity to get to live out their dream of playing basketball at a 4 year university.

Earl Moutra

This is Earl Moutra Sr, I met Coach Madec during fall semester 2019 at Fresno City College. I enrolled in his Coaching and Leadership class which was very enlightening and knowledgeable. Coach Madec, not only divulged information about his struggles, failures, and successes; he brought in many of his colleagues and friends to speak with us. Their professions ranged from Police officers, a building contractor, and a host of other coaches from various sports.

We had to take notes from every speaker in a spiral notebook, by the end of the 18 week semester my notebook was full of good information about leadership qualities. I recently did a power-point presentation for an unrelated class and I took a few nuggets from Coach Madec’s methodology; he uses the 7 P’s process. Prior, Proper, Planning, Prevents, Piss, Poor, Performance.

Cole Morgan

I was 9 years old at the time and started to fall in love with the game of basketball. I was

playing in a tournament at Fresno City when I first met coach and from then on that man has not

left my side. “It takes a village to raise a man”, Coach Madec was at the helm of that village. He

helped raised me since I was 9 and is the biggest influence on my life outside of my family. I

ended up playing under Coach after I graduated high-school in 2014. I was at Fresno City from

2014 to 2017 and that is when my life changed. I was not prepared to be in college and was not

ready for the real world. I thought going to Fresno City would not only make me a better

basketball player but help me adjust to college at an easier pace. Boy was I wrong about the

school part. Fresno City College did nothing but cause headaches for me with school. There was

no support from the staff for athletics. Outside of Coach Madec I had zero help with the classes I

was taking or where to go or how to get my associates degree. Coach Madec taught me how to

log into my school email, blackboard, add and drop classes. Everything that the school was

supposed to help me with Coach Madec not only helped me with but every other player on our

team. Coach Madec not only helped my teammates but every other student, athlete or not with

anything like that.

Servant Leadership, Brotherhood, Pride, Accountability, Matriculation!

These terms were irrelevant in my life before Coach Madec came along. I learned how to

serve others and not ask for anything in return. I learned about the bond of brothers and stay

loyal to people in your circle and help them in any way possible. PRIDE, taking pride in

everything you do. Whether it is with your school work, working out or your general appearance.

Coach Madec taught me how to dress for my first job interview, and yes I got the job.

Accountability on anything that you do. Being there for someone when you said you would and

being there even when not expected to. Coach Madec’s matriculation level is not only the best in

the state but in the COUNTRY. His matriculation is ridiculously high because of HIM and the

program he runs. When coaches at the four year level are recruiting for the next season they

always want “Fresno City Guys” not because of the winning but because of COACH MADEC.

His program turns boys into men and troubled kids into productive members of society. I was

both when I came to Fresno City. I was a little boy not ready for the real world and a troubled kid

that needed guidance to better my future. I left as man with a full ride scholarship to live in San

Francisco for FREE! My scholarship that COACH MADEC got me covered everything from my

rent to my meals. Two years later I got my bachelors degree and am currently working on my

masters because Coach always preached that I needed my masters for my future.

In 2015 my aunt died from Cancer and I was lost beyond saving. I just finished my first

year at City and I was contemplating on not coming back. Coach Madec picked me out of the

hole that I was in and guided me in the right direction and now I have my college degree with

ZERO debt and working on my masters degree. I speak for myself and the rest of the

BROTHERHOOD when I say Coach Madec saved my life and I would not be where I am today

without him.

Kelly Mendoza

To Whom it May Concern:

I write this letter with great pleasure and gratitude on behalf of Coach Ed Madec. My son, Alex Perez, played for Fresno City College for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 seasons. As a parent when helping your child decided what college to attend is a very emotional and stressful time. Coach Madec was there every step of the way to guide us. He was always just a phone call away to answer any questions or help navigate any roadblocks that came up with my son’s education.

Coaches make up a huge part of our children’s lives. Coach Madec not only teaches his team about playing, but life lessons like leadership, teamwork, accountability and brotherhood. These lessons stay with our children for life and help them to become positive members of our society.

While my son was attended Fresno City College, I witnessed Coach Madec taking each one of his players under his wing and mentoring them. He took the time to make sure each one of his players had want they needed to succeed on and off the court.

Coach Madec pushed all of his players to be the best version of themselves on and off the court. Coach Madec took these young boys and helped mold them into the successful men they are today.

My son left Fresno City College 7 years ago, Coach Madec is still always just a phone call away. My son still talks to him to seek his guidance and advice as he navigates his way through life as an adult.

Coach Madec is not only in the lives of his players for the 2 to 3 years during their junior college education, but a lifetime. I can honestly say that it was Coach Madec that had a huge impact in my son’s growth and maturity in becoming the successful man he is today.

Daniel Lopez

To whom it may concern: My name is Daniel Lopez and I played for coach Ed Madec in the 2010-2011 basketball season. I am currently a Real Estate Professional in the greater Las Vegas area. Ed Madec has been my dad away from my dad. He has been one of the most influential people in my life. Madec is the single most valuable resource and asset that I have benefited during and after my time at Fresno City College. He is one of the biggest contributors to my success and professionalism both on and off the court. Madec was the one to get me a scholarship to a four-year institution, Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) – an opportunity I would not have had I not met him. After the my time at OIT, Madec pushed me and helped me advance to my career as a professional basketball player. Unfortunately my career was cut short due an injury, but it was once again Madec that made sure I stay on the right path and that I stay in an elite mindset and determination to become the successful professional that I am today. The list of opportunities and support that he has provided to ensure I have a successful life after college is endless. I was not the only one fortunate enough to come across him and his program. Madec helped and mentored countless young men. He groomed them to be the best fathers, brothers, mentors, family members, professionals, and overall great people. Madec sets himself apart by ensuring each student and athlete receive the same opportunity and providing them with excellent advice, mentoring, and support as each achieve their success. He manages to help players get scholarships down to the last man on the bench. Most of his former players would not have had the same opportunities had they not met him and listened to his advice & mentorship. Fresno City College has been very fortunate to have such an asset like Ed Madec, who not only helps players on the court but in their lives off the court as well. He is relentless in a way that helps the hopeless not only regain hope but achieve those goals in life. The skills I’ve learned from him have been more applicable than any scientific method I read in a book or any essay I had to write. Being able to say that not only did I attend Fresno City College but I received an actual education in life is something I have been proud to say.

Christine Jones

To whom it may concern, My name is Christine Jones, the mother of Fred Lavender. My son attended and played basketball for Fresno City College during 2016-2018. During his time there Coach Madec made sure my son was on track to received his AA and got a full scholarship to continue his schooling and at Stanislaus State University. At times my son wanted to quit because he said coach was to hard on him, but he now knows that coach was preparing him to be a man. We owe a lot to Coach Madec in my eyes.

My son said he was the best coach he ever had he knows everything and he cared about him as a student not just as player. He mentored my son and even talked to us about his best choices to continue his education because he had the opportunity to go to several colleges. Although my son did not go to the school he recommended he now wish that he did. But nevertheless we respect Coach Madec and always will. He did not do anything for my son that he should not have done all he did was help him become the young respectful man that he is today and I thank him for that.

Brad Johnstin

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Brad Johnstin and I played for Coach Ed Madec during the 2010-2011 season. I’m currently

the Director of Sales & Strategy at Kashable and live in Chicago, Illinois. To this day, Ed Madec has been

one of the most influential people in my life, directly and indirectly.

I had a very different upbringing/home life than most players that Ed Madec was used to coaching.

Growing up in an upper-middle class, two parent household, I had every resource available for me to

succeed in life. This cannot be said for a vast majority of players that came through the FCC program. To

state it bluntly, many of my teammates had been written off by society and every day I witnessed Coach

Madec teach essential life lessons that would keep many of these young men off the streets or worse.

Coach Madec is the definition of servant leadership and would stop at nothing to help provide for those

less fortunate. I left Sacramento State University to play for Coach Madec because his former players

raved about how much they changed their life and every word they said was true.

It would be an utter travesty to remove Coach Ed Madec from his position as the Head Men’s Basketball

Coach at Fresno City Community College. He has SAVED countless lives by being a social worker, father

figure, and lifelong friend in disguise as a basketball coach. To this day, I do not know what our season

record ended up being, or what games we won/lost, but I do remember the life lessons that were

poured into me by Coach Madec daily. I learned how to treat others with respect, to work hard, and to

have the foundation to live a successful life after college.

I strongly urge you to reconsider this decision and if not, I question your ability to lead an educational

institution. Ed Madec’s impact is everlasting in every player that has come through HIS program and I

implore you to allow him to do what he was put on this Earth for, to help guide young men when others

have failed to do so.

CJ & Denise Johnson

We Luv & miss u Coach,

This is C.J. & Denise Johnson parents of Brandon Johnson #2 Season 08’-10’ (MVP of the

League) Graduate AA Degree 2011’

I can only start my few words with THANK YOU coach for being in our sons Life the years that

he attended Fresno City College, I never would’ve thought or believe you could & would

develop Brandon the way you were so successful in doing you taught him how to be a man,

father, teammate, player & a successful coach today, My beautiful wife & I will always be in

debt with you, I knew you were a SPECIAL coach, teacher, father & husband when you showed

up at our home, Brandon was being an ass not being responsible not following team rules, when

you arrived at our home no one was home you return back to your car and waited for more than

an hour til my beautiful wife and I return home our first thoughts were something happened to

our son you insured us everything was ok you just wanted to talk to us, that’s the day I knew I’ll

run thru a wall for you, you cared enough about our son to come visited us at our home on your

day off meant you really cared you wanted more for Brandon then Brandon wanted for himself at

that time in his life,

so again Coach we are so THANKFUL you were apart of Brandon Johnson Life while attending

Fresno City College…

Brandon Johnson

To whom it my concern,

My name is Brandon Johnson I’m a former Fresno City student athlete(Men Basketball). I am

proud to say that I graduated from Fresno City and was able to transfer to a Four-year University

to eventually earn a bachelors degree. During my time at Fresno City I was mentored and coach

by Ed Madec. When I enrolled in college I wasn’t a good student, being apart of the Men’s

Basketball program were Coach Madec held all his players accountable when it came to going to

class and doing your work. Coach Madec is more like a father figure than he is a coach. For me

he taught his players to be better basketball player but even a better men. Coach Madec has had a

great impact on all his players lives. I wouldn’t be the man/father I am today if coach Madec

didn’t instill his core values in me. Coach Madec help me get my scholarship that I work

extremely hard to earn and without his help I would’ve been able to live out my dream as a

basketball player! The thing that stuck with me the most about coach Madec was when I left

Fresno City it was never about how I was doing on the basketball court, instead it was always

about life and if I was on track to graduate and earn my degree so I am very Grateful for him and

always will be! I’ll always do anything for this man because he did all he could do for me and

my family. Forever Grateful!

Russell Gregory

To whom it may concern,

My Name is Russell Gregory and I played for Fresno City Community College (FCC) under Ed Madec for his first three years at FCC. I graduated from Clovis East High School in 2006 and grew up in the Fresno area. I came to Fresno city with a dream to play college basketball, and that dream came true when I attended FCC because Ed allowed me to have a chance. He allowed me a simple opportunity to prove myself, and not every coach is willing to support players that do not have the best skills. I truly believe Ed loved projects like myself because he loves to help people achieve the impossible. In other words, he sees potential in players that less coaches would neglect or oversee. I cannot express enough how amazing this is.

One of my favorite quotes is, “When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways”. Ed was our basketball coach but he showed us how to be a man and act like a man. Ed came to our classes to make sure we were in the front row of our classes. He checked our attendance to see if we were late or ditched. He checked our grades often, and if we had missed any assignments. He also helped me graduate FCC and get a scholarship at Colorado Mesa University.

In short, he believed in me when no one else did and showed me how to be successful. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without Ed Madec. I work at Grand Junction High School where I teach math and advanced leadership. I am also an assignment basketball coach at Colorado Mesa University. Even now, I use what Ed taught me to help students and players be more successful, which will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email me if you have any further questions or thoughts.

Lucas Gabriel

To Whom it May Concern:

When I was 16 years old I met coach Ed Madec (Coach Madec) at the Chico State Acker

gymnasium playing in my first open gym vs college players and former college players.  I knew

that day that I wanted to be a college basketball player and I was willing to work as hard as

possible to make that dream come true.  However, what I did not know was that I was meeting

a man that would later become a major part of my life and a father figure for myself.  After that

workout, Coach Madec gave me his number and he and I spoke on the phone a couple times for

him to give me advice on how to improve my basketball skills.  Two years later I enrolled at

Siskiyous University and began my college basketball career playing for Coach Madec.  This

turned out to be the best decision of my life.

When I got to Siskiyous there was 40 young men trying out for the team in hopes of

playing for Coach Madec.  After the first day of open gym, I had serious doubts about myself

and if I was good enough to make Coach Madec’s 12 man roster.  I also knew it would be way

too embarrassing to quit and go home.  So, I listened to the lessons that Coach Madec preached

every day and tried my best to be a person worthy of being in his program.  From day one,

Coach Madec talked us about what it is to be a person of high character.  He taught me levels of

hard work that I didn’t even know existed.  I learned to importance of honesty, integrity, hard

work, passion, the ability to be early to everything.  Just as important, I learned to have a true

confidence in myself.

I quickly learned that first year at Siskiyous that if I was early to every workout and class

on campus and if I worked as hard as I possibly could in workouts that Coach Madec would

never cut me.  I figured out that Coach Madec never cut players because he truly believes in

everyone and he believes that he can help to bring the best out of everyone if they are willing

to meet him halfway with work ethic and good character.  What I also learned that year is that

many people are not willing to work as hard as they can and many people don’t have good

character.  Although Coach Madec did not cut one player that year, many players quit because

they weren’t willing to work hard and meet the expectations of the program which included

being on time, never lying, never cheating, never stealing, and generally just being a good

human being.  I was often sore, tired, and mentally exhausted, but looking back, that first year

at Siskiyous was the most important year of my life because I learned to push myself without

cutting corners in basketball and in the classroom.   

Two years later I was a captain of Coach Madec’s 2nd Conference Championship team

and his first Final Eight Appearance in the CCCAA playoffs.   When the season was over, Coach

Madec made a phone call to Coach Land at Northern Arizona University for me and I

transferred there to continue my playing career as a Division I basketball player.  After two

years of giving everything I had to Coach Madec both physically and mentally, I knew and still

know that Coach Madec would do anything to help me or anyone in my family.   

When my playing career ended at Northern Arizona University, I took my first coaching

job at Chico State (the same place where Coach Madec and I originally met) as a graduate

assistant.  Coach Madec always stayed in touch with me and always wanted to know how my

parents and family was doing.  I truly felt then, as I do now, that Coach Madec genially cared for

me and my family’s well being.  Once I gained two years of coaching experience, Coach Madec

hired me as his head assistant at Fresno City College.  Coach Madec and I made a great team

together for the 3 years I worked for him at Fresno City.  During those three years we had a

combined record of 89N13, 36N0 in conference play, three undefeated conference

championships, a Final Four appearance, and a State championship.  During my three years

working with Coach Madec, every player in our program achieved the necessary grades in order

to receive a full ride scholarship to a four year university.  Despite all of the winning, I can truly

say that Coach Madec never “hung his hat” on his record or his championships.  He never spoke

to our teams about winning.  He spoke to the team daily about the same things he spoke to me

about the first time I met him at Chico State as a 16 year old.  It was the same message as my

first day playing for him at Siskiyous.  The message was: show up early, be a good person, don’t

lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal, work hard, be unselfish, and be a person of high character.  I truly

feel that our success on the court was a byproduct of Coach Madec teaching us to do things the

right way.   

Today, I am currently the head men’s basketball coach of a NAIA school called Bellevue

University in Nebraska.  I try extremely hard to pass along what I learned from Coach Madec to

my current players.  We don’t talk about winning or losing here.  We talk about all the things

that Coach Madec instilled in me.  Be a good person, be early, working hard, being selfless.

Those words he preached over and over I now find myself preaching to my players all these

years later.  Last year my team was 24N8 and crowned as the North Star Conference Champions.

I can’t help but think that doing things the right way, being good people, with good character,

showing up early and basically just doing everything that Coach Madec had always preached to

me is the reason why our team had so much success last year.   

To this day, I know in my heart, that what Coach Madec taught me is true.  Winning is a

by product of treating people the right way, doing things the right way, and living your life the

right way.  Since I know in my heart that this is true, I just look at Coach Madec’s record and

success at Fresno City as proof that he has been an excellent role model, servant leader, and

coach at Fresno City College.   

I also want to make this very clear.  I played for Coach Madec for two years and worked

for him for three years.  Never did I see him break a rule.  Never did I see him be dishonest.  I

always saw him working extremely hard and teaching many young men from impoverished

backgrounds to be hard working, high character, productive members of our society.  Hearing

the news that Fresno City has placed Coach Madec on a leave of absence makes no sense to

me.  How can the school do that to a person that lives his live trying to help young men become

better people through the game basketball?   

I see all of the protest on tv in support of Black Lives Matter.  I think that protesting is a

good thing to raise awareness.  However, once we raise awareness, action has to be taken in

our country so that young black men start getting their degrees, so that they can get good

paying jobs, and live their lives as productive members of society instead of ending up in our

prison system or dead as many statistics suggest.  We need real change.  I have personally seen

Coach Madec make a difference in many young black men’s lives.  Many of these young men

came from the lower social economic standing.  Many of these young men walked a fine line.

For a lot of them Coach Madec was their last chance to go to college and earn a degree before

turning back to the dangers of their neighborhoods.  Not allowing Coach Madec to coach is

removing a person that has made a difference and that will go on to make a major difference in

people’s lives.  People who need somebody to make a difference in their life.  If you are truly a

supporter of Black Lives Matter, then you would be a supporter of Coach Madec because he

actually makes a difference.

Jackie & Ron Ferrell

To whom it may concern ,

We are writing this letter to let you know how Ed Madec has personally affected the life of our son

Travis Ferrell, myself , and my husband Ron Ferrell.

Travis always dreamed of playing college basketball from the time he was a small child. He knew he

wasn t a Division One level athlete but he wanted to do whatever he could to continue to play in

college . Travis played his first year at Reedley College but really wanted to play for Ed Madec at

Fresno City College. Travis felt this is where he needed to go in order to have any hope of getting a

scholarsh ip for a Division 2 or NAIA college.

Eds reputation is well earned. He is known for being a tough and fabulous coach , having top teams

in the state, but also investing his time and setting expectations for the young men on his team to

grow and become productive members of society , and learn how give back to their communities. We

have personally witnessed Ed do all of these things .

While Travis was playing for FCC he tore his meniscus and he lost hope of gaining an athletic

scholarship. Travis had surgery to repair the meniscus . Ed really took time with Travis and kept him

motivated during his rehab process and also pushed him to keep focusing on his academics. Travis

recovered and Ed helped him to receive a scholarship package (athletic and academic) with Clark

University in Dubuque , Iowa. We truly believe this opportunity would not have been available if Ed

had not worked so hard on Travis s behalf.

During the time Travis was at Clarke University Ron became disabled and we would not have been

able to afford to pay for college if it weren t for Travis s scholarship. Honestly , we dont know what

would have happened. Travis would have probably had to quit college. Travis went on to play at

Clarke University and not only was a successful athlete but was also named MCC Academic AllConference

, MCC Honorable Mention-All Conference and Capitol One Academic All-District

Basketball Team. Just before graduating from Clarke University , Travis was offered another partial

scholarship to obtain his Masters degree . He now holds two Master’s degrees. We truly believe it

was Eds personal investment of time and influence that helped Travis to achieve these

accompl ishments and to flourish as a young man.

We can still see Eds influence in Travis today . Travis became a school teacher and basketball

coach. Travis uses what he learned from Ed in his classroom and basketball program. Not just the

coaching and game style, but specifically his personal investment of time and setting expectations

for his athletes and students to become productive members of society , and give back to their

communities . Travis shares his experiences and strives to show all of his kids there are more

opportunities after high school than they might think and pushes them to go on to college . Being

from a small farm town many kids believe that college isnt something they can do.

We will always support Ed Madec in whatever the future holds for him. Ed is truly a one of a kind

person and is irreplaceable. Please contact us if you have any questions .

Ron DuBois

To whom it may concern,

I am writing a letter in support of Coach Ed Madec who has been a close friend of mine for the last 15 plus years. Ed is one of the most genuine people I have ever met, he cares about others and goes out of his way to give his ear, heart and time to help people. His unselfish actions and servant leadership have set an incredibly high standard for all he comes in contact with. I have clearly benefited professionally as a basketball coach from all I have learned and observed in our relationship. But that benefit pales in comparison to the value of what Ed has taught me about being the best human being one could be. I have written many letters in my time as a coach where I try and eloquently convey my thoughts on a person with my words. But in this case, words truly cannot express how special of a person Ed Madec is and how strongly I feel he impacts the world we live in. Anyone that spends time with Ed Madec is fortunate and I look forward to many more years of our friendship.

Carlo Di Cicco

To whom it may concern:

This letter is in support of Ed Madec and specifically speaks to his character and mentoring he provided for my son.

Ed spent his personal time with my son who was struggling in his basketball program and taught him the importance of the fundamentals of basketball while also taking the time to mentor him with invaluable life lessons. He went above and beyond what our son needed by teaching and stressing the importance of his behavior on and off the court. He introduced him to some of his players which was very inspiring and in turn provided his players with the opportunity to share and teach.

These actions and acts of kindness shows me that Ed Madec is a man of character and is someone who cares and loves to help others. I am elated that my son had this time with Coach Madec and will stand by him.

Allan Davis

To whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter in support of Coach Ed Madec.

My name is Allan Davis, I have been coaching 20 years as a basketball coach at Johansen High

School in Modesto, Ca., the last 10 as the head Varsity boys coach.

Coach is a label I hold in the highest regard. It is used to define those that not only teach but lead

people. You will not find a better COACH of young men than Coach Madec.

10 years ago I was lucky enough to get the head coaching position at Johansen. I attended a

coaches clinic at FCC to grow as a young coach. I learned numerous things that day that helped

guide my coaching personality. His players do not talk when he is talking. His players try to

utilize what Coach Madec is emphasizing that day. He speaks quietly and does not berate kids.

His players are the mentally toughest kids in the state, yet you will NEVER hear them talk about

toughness. They play for each other, which of course is what all coaches want but rarely

genuinely observe, meaning they stay focused on their teammates accomplishments on the

basketball floor even if it means less time for them. They are part of a team, no player getting

different treatment because they are better players.

Of course there were far more teaching moments than those powerful few I noted, and thus I

attended and started bringing coaches to watch his clinics annually, not only basketball coaches

but our baseball coaches, our football coaches and wrestling coaches. This is a testament to what

is observed in how Coach Madec relates to his players and what they think of him in return.

Over the past few years I have been fortunate enough to have a few players that could play

Junior college basketball after their high school careers. Coach Madec is the only coach in

Northern California that I have enough trust to send them to, to know that they are learning to

become men. The junior colleges that I have witnessed other than FCC seem to favor the better

players, not holding them accountable for their character. Coach Madec certainly does hold them

accountable for their actions.

Coach Madec cares DEEPLY about the kids that choose to play for him. It seems it his duty to

find each of his players a scholarship after FCC no matter what player it is, the best player or the

15th player. I can name numerous coaches who believe wins and losses are the only testament of

being a great coach. While winning is a small part of being a great coach, holding kids

accountable for their classes and their character, genuinely making sure they have correct courses

and credits in order to continue chasing their dreams or a scholarship to pay for their education,

and pursuing the success of his players after basketball is what makes a GREAT coach. Coach

Madec not only does those things but more.

Finally, if I had my own child who was good enough to play at a junior college level, I would

consider Coach Madec and no other for all he would do to help shape my son into a strong

minded young man OUTSIDE of basketball, not just teaching him the game. This is what

Coaching is.

Coach Ed Madec has helped mold me as a coach. I certainly see how hard his team plays, but I

am always more concerned with the kids and their future, as he has shown me.

Ronnie L Cobb

To whom it may concern:

It is my complete honor to share this letter of support on behalf of coach Ed Madec of Fresno City College. As a coach of 25 years in the Elk Grove Unified District, I remember hearing from two of my most respected peer about the legend of coach Madec and his influence in the lives of so many young men on and off the court. They spoke of the expectations and discipline required which were quite impressive. Who would have ever imagined that our paths would cross 15 years after the first time I heard his name. You see, my youngest son Drew was a national scholar athlete at Sheldon High in Sacramento and a top recruit his Sr year. After signing with the University of West Georgia and earning a 3.85 gpa his senior year, Drew’s collegiate future was set and we prepped for his transition. Fast forward, things changed with the staff in Georgia and Drew returned a month later and after researching 3 of the states top Jr College programs, as a family we selected Fresno City. From day one (two days after Drew returned from Georgia) Drew was on campus and impressed with the discipline and expectations of Everyone by coach Madec. Just the fact that academics were discussed as much as game strategies made us all smile. Afterall, my mother has taught English and French for 50 years and my father in law has been on our school board for 20 years and Drews big sister teaches math at a local private Christian High School as well. I often discussed coach Madec’s methods and expectations with my brother in law Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn and he responded “I wish there were 50 coach Madec’s in our city”. “If so, we’d have more young men in college and later living productive lives versus choosing optional path’s leading to low graduation rates, increased crime and prison over population”. As a father, a coach and an educator I am thankful for the similar disciplines coach Madec poured into my son. Drew and I often reflect on his days at Fresno City and he often says “If coach Madec was here with us at Long Beach State University, we would have a chance of NEVER losing on or off the court and if anyone did not have a true love for this game, they would walk out the door and never return because coach Madec only accepted excellence”. I thank God for coach Madec. Ad I told him 3 years ago, “I like this game but I love my son”. Let us not let politics again make a program and its leaders make another BAD decision. Please feel free to call me directly if anything further is needed.

Aaron Cameron

I’ve had the pleasure of being a student athlete in Ed Madec’s program back in 2016. I can’t even begin to express the amount of gratitude I have for who he is and what he has done for me. At a time where I was lost and uncertain, the brotherhood built by Madec helped me find myself. He expressed, time and time again, that life will be shaped by your choices. Madec has groomed me into a more disciplined, strong-minded individual that carries himself with the utmost integrity. The culture he built (and continues to build) at Fresno City College is one of a kind. I’ve seen and been in many basketball programs. Madec’s remains at the top. Through his style of coaching, mentoring, and guidance, boys that come into the program and come out as men. Self-centered individuals evolve into servant-hearted ones.

Ed Madec is the reason I work relentlessly to fulfill my purpose of becoming the best version of myself so that I can leave a Ram-shaped mark on this world.

Go Rams!

McKay Bundy

To whom it may concern,

Coach Madec has had a huge impact on my life on and off the court. He has taught me that no

matter who you are, if you work hard at something, you will succeed at it. Hard work is one of

the most important things a person can do. He also taught me so much about preparation.

Whether it be preparing for a basketball game or a test, he taught that the way you prepare for

stuff will influence how you do it. Unlike the school administration, coach Madec was always

there for me. Any time I was going through a hard time, he would always be willing to talk to me

and always helped

Dominique Bukasa

To whom it may concern,

It is deeply troubling and disappointing to hear that the Fresno City College district and administration are taking such extreme actions to smear the name and ruin the reputation of one of its most passionate and dedicated educators. Ed Madec has spent the last 14 years at Fresno City College guiding, encouraging, and mentoring young students from all walks of life to further their education and to become impactful members of the community after graduation. Coach Madec worked tirelessly to bring some pride and joy to the campus and the community with his basketball teams because he loves the City of Fresno so much ever since it embraced him in 2006.

I worked with Ed Madec for three years, including his first two at Fresno City College. He not only preached but also demonstrated time and time again his integrity, compassion, and loyalty towards his players, colleagues, and the school. I also recruited several of his players when I went on to coach at Sacramento State University, and all of them graduated on time which is a rarity for junior college transfers. They all credited their success to Madec for instilling in them discipline and industriousness.

It is ironic and also very wasteful that the District spent $3,000,000 investigating whether coach Madec fed meals to his At-Risk students. Shouldn’t he be commanded instead of reprimanded for his actions? The District and the School Administration are showing a complete lack of compassion and judgment for persecuting someone trying to do something positive for underserved students.

I sincerely hope that common sense will prevail and that the negative course of action taken by the District against coach Madec ceases. Even though he has received a tremendous outpour of support from his former student-athletes and the community, it is also evident that all the public statements and measures taken by the District are adding a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety to coach Madec and his family.

It is in the best interest of the student-athletes and the Fresno City College learning community that coach Madec be reinstated so that he can continue to do what he does best which is to teach, mentor, and motivate a segment of the student population that is often ignored.

Joaquin & Angela Avila

To whom it may concern. We have known coach Madec for almost 5 years. He is a person of integrity whom I am honored to have influence my 10 year old son. His time, enthusiasm, and commitment to mentor children and young adults is impressive and not commonly seen in people today. He delivers the most useful and positive speeches to the kids. He is not just a basketball coach he is a life coach.

Chad Borkey

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter of support for one of my mentors and colleagues, Edward G. Madec. I have known Ed for over 14 years and coached with him for three. During my time working with Ed, he has had great character while developing student athletes and young coaches for their future. Ed has help many young men receive scholarships so they may advance their athletic and academic career. Ed has been instrumental in my advancement as a coach and as a person. We have spent countless hours discussing the direction of my career. His advice and wisdom has help put me into the successful position I am in today. It has been of great privilege and honor to call Ed Madec a friend and mentor.

Skelly 2 Documents

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